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Metabolomics was redeemd as a study of a complete set of metabolites in a specific cell or organism while targeted Metabolomics was recognized as a quantitative method for the identification and quantitative analysis of targeted metabolic compounds in organisms. It provides information on the content and composition of metabolites, which are closely associated with the biological activities and can vary dramatically under different physiological conditions. Therefore, metabolomics methods are important for studying the biological function and comparing the metabolic systems of different organisms.

Technical Platforms

The targeted metabolomics service provided by Creative Proteomics is based on our cutting edge separation and analytical platforms. Our experienced technicians have optimized protocols, in order to provide best service to meet customers' requirement.


Workflow of Targeted Metabolomics Service

Featured Targeted Metabolomics Services

Targeted Metabolic Pathways:

Targeted Metabolites:

Plant Metabolites:

Animal Hormones

Organic Compounds:

Inorganic Compounds:

Oxidative Stress Compounds:

Carbohydrate Metabolites:

Antibiotic Targeted Metabolomics:

• Sulfonamides
• Quinolones
• Tetracyclines
• Macrolides
• β-lactams
• Chloramphenicols

Chinese Herbal Medicine Ingredient:

Ordering Procedure

Ordering Procedure

Technical Features and Advantages

  • Individualized experimental protocols
  • We can select different pre-treatment methods according to sample types, optimize chromatographic separation and mass spectrometry conditions, etc. Targeted detection of metabolites, greatly improving the sensitivity, accuracy, specificity and reproducibility of detection, leading to absolute quantitative study of metabolites and information mining of metabolites.
  • Excellent high-throughput qualitative and quantitative capabilities.
  • High-resolution mass spectrometry, combined with a rich library of standards, which can simultaneously achieve absolute quantification of more than 500 endogenous metabolites in 26 major classes.
  • Targeted assays cover 26 categories of endogenous metabolites, including fatty acids, amino acids, bile acids, hormones, neurotransmitters, and oxidized trimethylamine.
  • Professional assay and analysis capability.
  • Strict quality control system, ultra-high resolution ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry system, and professional data pre-processing and analysis capabilities, data reliability and accuracy.
  • Triple quadruple MRM mode, the gold standard for quantification, to accurate detect of the absolute content of substances.

Sample Requirements

Sample typeRecommended sample sizePre-treatment and storage
Tissue>200mgSnap freezing in liquid nitrogen, stored at -80°C.
Urine>0.3ml5000×g 4°C Centrifuge for 30-60min, remove supernatant, store at -80°C.
Serum/plasma>0.3mlCollected serum/plasma, snap freezing in liquid nitrogen, stored at -80°C.
Cerebrospinal fluid, amniotic fluid, bile and other body fluids>0.3ml4°C Centrifuge for 10min, (or filter using 0.22μm membrane), remove supernatant and store at -80°C.
Suspension cells>107Centrifuge and collect cells after liquid nitrogen snap freezing and store at -80°C.
Walled cells>107Cultured walled cells are stored in 1.5ml centrifuge tubes, snap freezing in liquid nitrogen and stored at -80°C
Cell supernatant>10mlcentrifuge at 4℃ for 3 minutes, take the supernatant and store at -80℃.

The recommended number of sample replicates for targeted metabolomics is as follows

Animal samples (various tissues, blood plasma)≥ 6 replicates per group
Plant, microbial samples (leaf, root tissue)3 replicates per group
Cell samples3 replicates per group
Clinical samples (serum, urine, various tissues, etc.)≥ 10 replicates per group
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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