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Multi-omics Integrative Services

Multi-omics integration analysis is to integrate information between different levels of genes, mRNAs, regulatory factors, proteins, metabolism, etc., and establish the data relationship between different levels of molecules by normalizing the batch data at various biomolecular levels, comparative analysis, correlation analysis, and other statistical analyses. At the same time, it combines GO functional analysis, metabolic pathway enrichment, molecular interactions and other biofunctional analyses. This is to systematically and comprehensively analyze biomolecule functions and regulatory mechanisms. This helps researchers to understand the regulation and causal relationship among molecules at a deeper level. It promotes a deeper understanding of biological processes and molecular mechanisms.

Creative Proteomics is an industry leader in life sciences and life technology. We are committed to providing innovative, comprehensive and high-quality multi-omics research service applications to help researchers advance their research. We have already established a scientific and complete service process and standardized operation practices. Our integrated multi-omics analysis services have been effectively applied in many life science research fields.

Multi-omics Integrative Services

What do we offer?

Advantages of integrated multi-omics analysis

  • Comprehensiveness. By integrating information at several histological levels, multi-omics integrated analysis can effectively reveal biomolecular information at different levels, thus providing more evidence for biological mechanisms and helping researchers gain a more comprehensive understanding of complex biological processes.
  • Accuracy. Single-omics analysis methods can provide information about biological processes that differ in different life processes or disease groups compared with normal groups, but these analyses often have certain limitations. Integrated multi-omics analysis can reduce single-omics data limitations and greatly improve its accuracy.
  • Systematic. Multi-omics integrated analysis constructs a gene regulatory network by integrating information from genes, mRNAs, regulating factors, proteins, metabolism, and other different levels. Multi-omics integration analysis can help researchers better understand the interrelationship between individual molecules and the complex regulatory network between organisms.

Application of integrated multi-omics analysis

  • Plant research. Plant physiology and pathology, plant growth and development, molecular breeding, rare species conservation, etc.
  • Animal research. Animal growth and development, mining functional genes for significant economic traits, research into pathogenic mechanisms, etc.
  • Biomedicine. Clinical medical research, identification of biomarkers, research on disease mechanisms, personalized treatment plans, etc.
  • Drug R&D. Drug target identification, drug action mechanism research, and prediction of drug efficacy and side effects.
  • Environmental science. Understanding the effects of environmental exposures on organisms for use in environmental hazard risk assessment studies, etc.
  • Microbiology. Microbial metabolism, pathogenesis, microbiome-host interactions, and their effects on host health and disease.

Our service workflow

Our service workflow

Our service advantages

  • Instrument platform. We have an advanced mass spectrometry platform to ensure high quality service.
  • Professional team. We have a professional multi-omics service research team, which can provide customized and one-stop solutions according to customer needs.
  • Quality control. We provide strict quality control services throughout the experimental and analytical processes to ensure the accuracy, authenticity and reliability of the experimental results.

Creative Proteomics is an industry leader in integrated multi-omics analysis, and the integrated multi-omics analysis services we provide have been effectively applied in various research fields including medicine, drug discovery, agricultural breeding, etc., and have greatly contributed to the progress of life science research. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.

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