Protein Glycosylation

Glycosylation, the attachment of sugar moieties to proteins, is a post-translational modification (PTM) that provides greater proteomic diversity than other PTMs. Glycosylation is critical for a wide range of biological processes, including the attachment of cell to the extracellular matrix and intracellular protein-ligand interactions. This PTM is characterized by various glycosidic linkages, including N-, O- and C-linked glycosylation, glypiation (GPI anchor attachment), and phosphoglycosylation, etc.

Glycosylation Analysis of Protein

Glycoproteins can be detected, purified and analyzed by different strategies.
With years of effort on developing Glycomics technologies, Creative Proteomics is willing to provide the following Glycomics services to assist the scientific research in the Glycomic area.

N-Glycan Profiling Service
   N-Glycan Profiling by MALDI TOF MS
   N-Glycan Profiling by HPAEC-PAD
   N-Glycan Profiling by HILIC-UHPLC
O-Glycan Profiling Service
   O-Glycan Profiling by MALDI TOF MS
   O-Glycan Profiling by HPAEC-PAD
Glycomic Analysis
   Glycomic Profiling Service by MALDI TOF MS
N-Glycan Linkage Analysis by HILIC-UHPLC
   Glycosphingolipid Glycans Analysis

Creative Proteomics also provide the following bioinformatics services in Protein Post-translational Modification Analysis:
Functional annotation and enrichment analysis
Clustering analysis
Network analysis
Statistical analysis
Proteomic analysis of post-translational modifications

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