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Proteome is a collection of gene products expressed at both low levels and high levels. Protein sample preparation is a critical step in proteomic study because the quality and reproducibility of protein extraction significantly impacts the downstream identification efficiency and capability of mass spectrometers. Reliable and quantitative comparison of low-abundant proteins is a even more tremendous challenge of proteomic analysis.

Proteome is a very complex system. Unlike DNA and RNA, both of which are chemically homogeneous, proteins are very heterogeneous and vary widely with respect to their size, charge, hydrophobicity, and structure. Highly abundant proteins such as actin and tubulin or human serum albumin, proteins of the complement system and antibodies will comprise a significant portion of this homogenate, and the less-abundant regulatory proteins that are most informative regarding cellular response can be detected more efficiently with proper pretreatment and handling. In addition, many proteins undergo post-translational modification and may have a variety of non-peptide moieties bound to them. This chemical heterogeneity makes isolating proteins extremely challenging. So far, there has no standard method for preparing protein samples in proteomics study. Protocols differ regarding the source of samples, physical properties and subcellular location of the target proteins, protein abundance, and matrix effects, etc.

Scientists at Creative Proteomics recognize the need for customized sample preparation procedure, and continually strive to develop sample preparation methods that can help to solve various requirements of our customers.

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