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Selected reaction monitoring (SRM), also known as multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), is an important technique for quantitative of target proteins in complex sample. SRM/MRM technique can achieve rapid, sensitive, specific quantification of the target protein in a complex system and excellent quantitative reproducibility. SRM/MRM technology eliminates most of the non-target detection, that making the noise signal greatly reduced, and improves the detection sensitivity significantly. Compared to ELISA, SRM/MRM has better reproducibility, higher throughput, lower development cost and higher stability. At present, SRM/MRM has rapidly evolved into the representative technology of target technology, and is regarded as the "gold standard" for protein quantification based on mass spectrometry.

SRM/MRM technique is based on the known or assumed reactive ion information, targeted to select the data for mass spectrometry signal acquisition, removal of non-compliance with the interference of ion signals, through the data Mass spectrometry to obtain mass spectrometric quantitative information. The main instrument used in this technique is a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, in which the first and third quadrupole are used as mass filters to specifically select peptide ions (precursor ions) that are identical to the pre-set mass to charge ratio. And the fragment ions (product ions) through the second quadrupole as the collision cell by CID (Collision Induced Dissociation) way to break the precursor ion to produce ions. SRM technology has a high selectivity, reduced the background noise, and interference of ions.

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SRM/MRM Analysis Services at Creative Proteomics offers you a state-of-the-art strategy of proteins analysis. The workflow is based on the following sections:

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