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Statistical Analysis Service

Statistical analysis is the study of the collection, organization, examination, summarization, manipulation, interpretation and presentation of quantitative data. It handles all aspects of data including the planning of data collection based on the design of surveys and experiments. Statistical analysis is part of data analytics. The purpose of statistical analysis is to determine trends. There are two statistic methods: descriptive and inferential statistics.

Statistical Analysis Service

Descriptive statistics: A statistic is a number that is obtained from data, for example an average or a standard deviation. It can be very helpful when examining data to get a suitable group of relevant descriptive statistics. Especially, it can be very interesting to study statistics obtained from different (but related) columns, or between levels of a factor. This gives an idea of the similarities or differences between the data.

Inferential statistics: After data exploration, with the help of visualization and description techniques, one will need to determine what formal statistical analysis technique is required to investigate the data further and to come to general conclusions. A large number of statistical techniques have been developed to deal with many different types of data and create relationships between them.

Several statistical analysis can be provided by Creative Proteomics, including:

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