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Shotgun proteomics refers to a use of bottom-up proteomics techniques to  study the whole proteins in a complex mixture, such as serum, urine, and cell  lysates, etc. It utilizes the technology of high performance liquid  chromatography (HPLC) in combination with mass spectrometry (MS) technology.  The most distinctive feature of shotgun proteomics is that it enables  identification and comparative quantification of a wide range of proteins at  the same time with minimal protein separation needed. Protein mixtures are  first digested by protease, and the resulting peptides are separated in HPLC,  followed by tandem MS/MS analysis to identify the sequence of each peptide. The  identified peptide sequences are compared with database, in searching for the  corresponding protein identity.

Shotgun Protein Identification

Features of shotgun proteomics:

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Ordering Procedure

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