Overview of Mass Spectrometric Platform

Mass Spectrometer, is a powerful analytical instrument which can generate a beam of gas phase ions from samples (analytes), sort the produced ions according to their mass-to-charge (m/z) ratios with electrical/magnetic fields, and provide output signals (peaks), indicating the m/z ratios and intensities (abundances) of all the detected ions.
Compared with other analytical methods, especially when coupled to various separation tech for pre-fractionation, we can take the advantages of triple quadrupole MS as follow:

Rapid analysis of almost all the compounds with different ion sources (such as ESI, MALDI or APCI) and mass analyzers (such as ion trap, quadrupole, orbitrap and TOF)
Great sensitivity over most other analytical techniques because the analyzer, as an m/z filter, reduces background interference
Excellent specificity from characteristic fragmentation patterns to identify unknowns or confirm the presence of suspected compounds
Excellent reproducibility

Mass Spectrometry is now in very common use in analytical laboratories that focus on physical, chemical, or biological properties of a great variety of compounds in various samples, collected from different sources, by utilizing combination of different ion sources and mass analyzers, even tandem or hybrid mass spectrometry.

Molecular weight determination
Isotopic composition of elements determination
Structural characterization
Gas phase reactivity study

Equipped with advanced mass spectrometry, Creative Proteomics can provide professional analytical support as above, to your experiments in academia or industry.

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