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Polysaccharide Isolation and Purification Service

Polysaccharides are complex in structure and consist of a mixture of neutral or acidic glycan with different molecular masses, which are microscopically inhomogeneous, and their analysis and structural analysis have been the focus of glycomics and glycobiology research. The core of polysaccharide separation and purification is to obtain polysaccharides with low dispersion and uniform charge, which are suitable for subsequent structural analysis and in-depth analysis of active functions. Therefore, polysaccharides need to be separated and purified to obtain uniform polysaccharides.

Our Polysaccharide Isolation and Purification Service

The Polysaccharide isolation and purification platform of Creative Proteomics selects the pretreatment and separation and purification methods (column chromatography, membrane separation or fractional precipitation method, etc.) according to the polysaccharide characteristics of the raw materials, which can efficiently separate and purify various neutral polysaccharides, acidic polysaccharides and mucopolysaccharides and glycan complexes, etc.

Service Content

  1. Separation and purification method: Customized homogeneous polysaccharides such as neutral polysaccharides, acidic polysaccharides, mucopolysaccharides and polysaccharides complexes using a combination of techniques such as ion exchange column chromatography and gel filtration column chromatography
  2. Separation and purification of polysaccharides of different structural types: pectin, glucan, inulin, arabinoxylan, fucoidan, carrageenan, glycoconjugate (lipopolysaccharide) and other structural types of polysaccharides
  3. Isolation and purification of polysaccharides from different sources: plant polysaccharides, algae polysaccharides, microbial polysaccharides (fungal polysaccharides and bacterial polysaccharides, podophyll polysaccharides), marine animal polysaccharides, terrestrial animal polysaccharides, etc.
  4. One-stop technical service for polysaccharide structure characterization: monosaccharide composition determination, infrared spectroscopy analysis, polysaccharide methylation analysis, polysaccharide NMR testing, etc.
  5. Complete separation and purification report: including polysaccharide separation and purification process, molecular weight distribution determination and monosaccharide composition determination analysis, etc.

Workflow of Polysaccharide Isolation and Purification Service

Workflow of Polysaccharide isolation and purification Service

Creative Proteomics also provides a series of service for polysaccharides characterization as below.

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