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Peptidomics is defined as a systematic, comprehensive, qualitative/quantitative multiplex analysis of endogenous peptides (up to ~20 kDa) in biological samples collected at a chosen time point and location. Peptidomics served as a complement strategy to bridge the gap between proteomics and metabolomics. The invaluable information can be obtained from studies of the numerous soluble polypeptides, including signaling molecules (such as cytokines, growth factors, and peptide hormones), and other small protein fragments and peptides of undetermined functions likely from disease-specific proteolytic cleavage.

The process of peptidomics analysisFigure 1. The process of peptidomics analysis (Tinoco, A. D. et al; 2011)

Peptidomics enable to decipher a wealth of amino acid sequences information regarding to disease states, drug efficacy or toxicity. Currently, peptidomics sample preparation needs to remove hyper-abundant proteins prior to analysis. Owing to their wide range of functions, it presented unrivaled sensitivity in biomarker discovery and such endogenous peptides possessed great potential as drugs, pharmaceutical agents and biomarker candidates.

Peptidomics Analysis at Creative Proteomics

Mass spectrometry and bioinformatic analysis make the proteomics and peptidomics analysis possible. The detected peptides are identified via de novo sequencing, or database searching by tandem mass spectrometers.

Peptides are widely involved in biological process which turns to be ideal biomarker candidates. Due to peptides are available to migrate between different regions of the organism, many pathological processes are supposed to be related with the peptides composition alternation in different body fluids. Changes in peptide abundance have been found to be associated with a variety of diseases. For the screening and identification of peptides, Creative Proteomics can conduct the qualitative and quantitative polypeptides analysis for peptide screening and indentification, for example,amino acid composition, amino acid sequence and molecular weight determination by HPLC, capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry.

Comprehensive peptidomics aims to identify and validate all endogenous polypeptides in tested biological samples, In comparison to analysis of expression levels of the target polypeptide in a particular biochemical process. Creative Proteomics can provide comprehensive experiments on peptides with high accuracy and reproducibility.

Our Advantages

  • We can provide full steps from separation and enrichment of endogenous peptides to peptide identification and subsequent data analysis.
  • Accurate MS based identification of peptide sequences.
  • Efficient enrichment efficiency, more than 99% of the protein is removed during sample processing.
  • Comprehensive service capability, simultaneously providing reliable peptide and proteomic data with corresponding bioinformatics analysis.

Application Fields

Our peptidomics analysis can be applied to various fields, including but not limited to:

  • Biomarker discovery/verification: identification and validation of potential disease biomarkers or drug targets.
  • Side effects detection: detection of non-specific and unwanted drug effects, such as degradation.
  • Sample quality control: peptide as a degradation product can indicate the quality of the sample.

Based on the superior resources of technology, equipments and personnels, Creative Proteomics offers professional peptide analysis and identification methods for our customers. If you have any questions or specific requirements, please feel free to contact us. We will fulfill your goal.


  1. Tinoco, A. D.; et al. Investigating endogenous peptides and peptidases using peptidomics. Biochemistry, 2011, 50(35): 7447.
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