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What Is MALDI Imaging Lipidomics

In the realm of modern life sciences and medical research, lipid molecules play pivotal roles as the primary constituents of cell membranes, as well as essential signaling molecules and energy storage entities. However, owing to the vast array of lipid types and their inherently intricate structures, the analysis of lipids presents formidable challenges. Traditional analytical approaches often struggle to unveil the spatial distribution and biological functions of lipid molecules. To gain a profound understanding of the distribution within organisms, metabolic pathways, and their associations with diseases, the MALDI-MSI lipidomics technique has emerged.

Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MALDI-MSI) not only facilitates substance identification but also enables spatial distribution imaging of the analyzed entities. In recent years, this technology has been extensively applied in lipidomics research.

MALDI-MSI lipidomics is an analytical approach that integrates the principles of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging technology with lipidomics, aimed at investigating the spatial distribution and composition of lipid molecules within biological samples.

MALDI-MSI, a mass spectrometry imaging technique, generates molecular distribution maps on the surface of biological samples, thereby providing spatial information about molecules at the tissue and cellular levels. Lipidomics, on the other hand, focuses on studying the types, structures, and relative abundances of lipids within organisms to unveil their roles in biological processes and disease development.

The integration of these two techniques in MALDI-MSI lipidomics allows simultaneous acquisition of spatial distribution and structural information of lipid molecules by performing mass spectrometry imaging in different regions of biological samples. This holds significant value in comprehending the distribution of lipids within cells, tissues, and organs, as well as their roles in physiological and pathological processes. This approach finds crucial applications in biomedical research, drug development, and disease diagnosis, aiding scientists in delving deeper into the relationship between lipids and biological functions.

Figure 1. Demonstration of MALDI Imaging of a brain tissueFigure 1. Demonstration of MALDI Imaging of a brain tissue

Our MALDI Imaging Lipidomics Service

Creative Proteomics provides a well-established solution of MALDI-Imaging. Up to a thousand lipid species can be detected, and the result provides both molecular–histological maps from the localization and identification of lipid biomolecules based on mass-to- charge ratio (m/z). Imaging data may be normalized to the total ion current to calculate lipid abundances and subject to statistical test appropriate for the experimental questions. Creative Proteomics provides reliable, rapid and cost-effective lipidomics MALDI-Imaging service to meet your different needs.

Samples That Can Be Analyzed

MALDI-MSI lipidomics proves amenable to an array of biological specimens, encompassing tissue sections, cell cultures, and organism-derived samples.

Analyzable Substances

In the realm of lipid constituents, MALDI-MSI lipidomics emerges as a discerning sentinel, proficient in the discernment and analysis of a diverse array of lipid species. Among its purview are, though not confined to:

Neutral lipids, a cohort exemplified by triglycerides and phospholipids.

Glycolipids, which include the likes of glycosphingolipids and glycerophospholipids.

Cholesterol and its myriad derivatives.

Fatty acids, an assembly encompassing both saturated and unsaturated variants.

Lipid metabolites, such as the gamut of oxidized lipids and lipid peroxides. Further encompassed are lipid-based medicaments and their downstream metabolites.

Notably, MALDI showcases a distinctive prowess in scrutinizing glycerophospholipids (GPL), sphingomyelins (SM), and sulfatides (ST).

MALDI-MSI Lipidomics Service Workflow

MALDI-MSI Lipidomics Service Workflow

Feature and Advantage of MALDI Imaging Lipidomics Service

MALDI-MSI lipidomics offers an array of compelling merits that position it as a formidable instrument for investigating lipid distribution and composition:

Spatial Precision: At the microscale, MALDI-MSI furnishes lipid analyses upon tissue sections or sample interfaces, effectively unveiling disparities in lipid distribution among distinct cell lineages and regions.

Enhanced Throughput: Through the capability of simultaneous analysis of multiple samples or lipid entities, MALDI-MSI bolsters high-throughput proficiency, thereby expediting research strides.

Unlabelled Insight: In contrast to methodologies such as immunohistochemistry, the unlabelled nature of MALDI-MSI circumvents the need for specific markers, mitigating sample manipulation and extraneous influence.

Holistic Profiling: With the capacity to concurrently identify and quantify diverse lipid species, spanning neutral lipids, glycolipids, cholesterol, and more, MALDI-MSI furnishes an all-encompassing lipidomic panorama.

Biomarker Prospects: Deployed as a potential biomarker discovery tool, MALDI-MSI plays a pivotal role in diagnostics and disease inquiry, especially when scrutinizing lipid perturbations linked to pathological conditions.

Insight into Biological Function: Akin to peering into a topographical atlas of lipid molecules within living organisms, MALDI-MSI facilitates an in-depth comprehension of lipids' involvement in cellular signaling, metabolic modulation, and the intricacies of disease processes.

Abundant Molecular Insight: A bounteous array of chemical details is uncovered by MALDI-MSI, elucidating facets like fatty acid chain lengths and degrees of saturation, ultimately fostering a profound exploration of lipid diversity.

Tailored Experimentation Schemes

Acknowledging the idiosyncrasies inherent to each research endeavor, our commitment extends to crafting bespoke experimental designs. Adapted to your research prerequisites, we fine-tune experimental parameters to safeguard the acquisition of top-tier data quality.

Applications of MALDI-MSI Lipidomics

MALDI-MSI lipidomics finds widespread applications in life sciences, biomedicine, and drug development, including but not limited to the following areas:

Biomedical Inquiry: Within the realm of biomedicine, MALDI-MSI lipidomics unveils the intricate tapestry of lipid distribution during the throes of physiological changes and the complex underpinnings of pathological disease states. This dynamic approach aids in the dissection of disease mechanisms, progression dynamics, and the elucidation of associated molecular markers. Its indispensable role is exemplified in pivotal arenas such as oncology, cardiovascular maladies, and neurodegenerative afflictions.

Pharmaceutical Dynamics: In the sphere of drug exploration, MALDI-MSI lipidomics ventures into the elucidation of drug distribution and metabolism within the intricate milieu of tissues. By probing the mechanistic intricacies, therapeutic efficacy, and the transformational pathways within the organism, it emerges as a cornerstone for drug development and rigorous evaluation.

Histological Probing: With exceptional spatial resolution, MALDI-MSI lipidomics assumes a potent role in scrutinizing lipid landscapes across tissue slices. This precision aids in discerning nuanced lipid distribution disparities across various tissue domains, thus offering illuminating insights into the underpinnings of tissue architecture and function.

Signaling Terrain Elucidation: Within the realm of cellular communication, MALDI-MSI lipidomics offers an invaluable lens to unravel the spatial orchestration of lipid molecules within cellular domains. This vantage point contributes to the comprehension of lipids' intricate involvements in the intricate web of cell signaling, metabolic pathways, and fundamental cellular functions.

Glycolipid Exploration: Delving into glycolipid analysis, MALDI-MSI lipidomics assumes a pivotal role, deciphering the intricate distribution, structural nuances, and functional dynamics of glycolipids. This pursuit unfurls a deeper understanding of their pivotal roles within the complex landscape of physiological phenomena and pathological perturbations within organisms.

Biomarker Revelation: MALDI-MSI lipidomics emerges as an invaluable prospect for biomarker exploration, unraveling potential candidates with ramifications for early diagnosis, disease monitoring, and prognosis. Its diagnostic prowess resonates across these critical facets of clinical practice.

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