Release of Growth Factors into Root Canal by Irrigations in Regenerative Endodontics
     Authors: Zeng Q, Nguyen S, Zhang H, et al.
     Journal: Journal of endodontics, 2016, 42(12): 1760-1766.

Anticoccidial effect of apple cider vinegar on broiler chicken: an organic treatment to measure anti-oxidant effect
     Authors: Hayajneh F M F, Jalal M, Zakaria H, et al.
     Journal: Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 2018.

Confirmation of translatability and functionality certifies the dual endothelin1/VEGFsp receptor (DEspR) protein
     Authors: Herrera V L M, Steffen M, Moran A M, et al.
     Journal: BMC molecular biology, 2016, 17(1): 15.

Epithelial WNT2B and Desert Hedgehog are necessary for human colonoid regeneration after bacterial cytotoxin injury
     Authors: In J G, Yin J, Doucet M, et al. 
     Journal: bioRxiv, 2018: 434639.

Inactivation of myeloperoxidase by benzoic acid hydrazide
     Authors: Huang J, Smith F, Panizzi J R, et al.
     Journal: Archives of biochemistry and biophysics, 2015, 570: 14-22.

Experimental microbial dysbiosis does not promote disease progression in SIV-infected macaques
     Authors: Ortiz A M, Flynn J K, DiNapoli S R, et al.
     Journal: Nature medicine, 2018, 24(9): 1313.

Functional characterization of propeptides in plant subtilases as intramolecular chaperones and inhibitors of the mature protease
     Authors: Meyer M, Leptihn S, Welz M, et al.
     Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2016: jbc. M116. 744151.

Assessment of Fasciola hepatica glutathione S-transferase as an antigen for serodiagnosis of human chronic fascioliasis
     Authors: Aguayo V, Valdes B, Espino A M.
     Journal: Acta tropica, 2018, 186: 41-49.

Functional characterization of the mouse Serpina1 paralog DOM-7
     Authors: Jülicher K, Wähner A, Haase K, et al.
     Journal: Biological chemistry, 2018, 399(6): 577-582.

3-D physiomimetic extracellular matrix hydrogels provide a supportive microenvironment for rodent and human islet culture
     Authors: Jiang K, Chaimov D, Patel S N, et al. 
     Journal: Biomaterials, 2018.

Modulation of the tick gut milieu by a secreted tick protein favors Borrelia burgdorferi colonization
     Authors: Narasimhan S, Schuijt T J, Abraham N M, et al. 
     Journal: Nature communications, 2017, 8(1): 184.

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