Protein Purity and Homogeneity Characterization Service

Protein purity and homogeneity are key for protein crystallization and rigorous structural and functional studies. Impure samples will lead to inaccurate and imprecise results across experiments. In addition, Protein purity and homogeneity are two very important characteristics for further protein studies and biopharmaceutical applications. Purity of protein sample limits the application of protein products. Common contaminants of protein product include culturing medium and reagents from extraction and purification steps. In addition to impurity, protein heterogeneity may result from differential intra-cellular processing and the addition of co- and post-translational modifications. It is important to analyze the purity and homogeneity of your protein prior to using it for further processes.

Protein Purity and Homogeneity Characterization

Figure 1. Protein purity and homogeneity characterization using pl markers.

Overview of Protein Purity and Homogeneity Characterization Service

At Creative Proteomics, we provide a complete list of protein purity and homogeneity characterization services to detect contaminants, protein variants, isomers, mismatched S-S link, truncated proteins, degraded proteins, protein modifications, protein aggregates, and protein precursors.

Our Technology Platforms:

Sample Requirements

We work with antibodies, antigens, enzymes, growth factors, DNA-binding proteins, blood proteins, membrane proteins, etc. We accept a range of samples, including:

Please submit at least 100 ug of purified protein at ≥1 mg/mL.

Advantages of Protein Purity and Homogeneity Characterization

Creative Proteomics provides a wide spectrum of methods to characterize your samples cost-effectively, and delivers reliable and detailed data reports. As every project has different requirements, please contact our specialists to discuss your specific needs.

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