The Quadrupole-Trap Mass Spectrometry

The Quadrupole-Trap Mass Spectrometry

The Q Trap system is a hybrid Triple Quadrupole/Linear Ion Trap mass spectrometer. Different from conventional quadrupole, the Q3 of the Q Trap MS can work as either a standard quadrupole mass filter or a linear ion trap (LIT) with higher sensitivity than traditional 3D ion trap.

The Q Trap mass spectrometer is a unique tandem mass spectrometer which is capable of functioning as either a dedidated triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for quantitative workflows or as a highly sensitive linear ion trap mass spectrometer for qualitative workflows, since the hybrid mass spectrometer has MS3 capabilities which is useful to determine molecular structures by fragments patterns; because of extensive fragmentation in the second quadrupole, there is no need for MSn (n>3) capabilities.

The excellent performance in both quantitative & qualitative make this hybrid mass spectrometer popular in analytical labs, and equipped with this mass spectrometer and operated with experienced scientists and technicians, Creative Proteomics can help you to analyze the samples in the following fields:

Food and beverage research
Proteomics research, especially targeted quantitative proteomics
Metabolomics, such as identification of metabolites
Clinical research
DMPK and ADMET studies
Drug discovery and R & D

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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