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Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

The triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (TQMS, or QqQ), is a tandem mass spectrometer made up of two quadrupole mass analyzers, with a (non-mass-resolving) radio frequency–only quadrupole between them, acting as a collision cell for collision-induced dissociation (CID) to fragment the selected precursors/parent ions, and to generate fragment/daughter ions.

The triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is designed to work under 4 scan modes: precursor ion scan, neutral loss scan, product ion scan and MRM/SRM. Although in mass resolution and mass range TQMS is not outstanding, the triple quadrupole has the advantage of being cheaper, efficient, and easy to operate. Meanwhile, the MS/MS technique allow for mass analysis to occur in a tandem-in-space manner. The TQMS can not only be used to explore the molecular structure by fragmentation patterns, but also has superior detection sensitivity as well as quantification in SRM mode, especially when small molecules are being analyzed.

The TQMS has got widely applications in the following fields:

Food & Environmental analysis: additives, trace/pollutant scanning, including antibiotics & pesticides
Clinical researches: preclinical trials, endocrine & biomarkers
Forensic medicine & toxicology: impurities, drug molecule structure elucidation & biological fluid analysis
Drug discovery & development: lead compound optimization, ADME, PK/PD & drug metabolite determination

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