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Hybrid Ion Trap Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry

The Hybrid Linear Ion Trap Orbitrap MS is one of Fourier Transform based hybrid instruments, while the first mass analyzer is a linear ion trap (LIT), and the second one is high resolution Orbitrap. The LIT-orbitrap combination can be used for both MS and MSn experiments because the LIT itself is a detector.

To utilize the highest resolutions of the Orbitrap analyzer, data acquisition times of both the LIT and FT analyzers must be considered. The trapping capability of the ion and the high data acquisition speed of the LIT allows the acquisition of the MS/MS spectrum of selected precursor ions, while part of the precursors are transferred into the Orbitrap for accurate mass measurement.

Additional fragmentation at a different collision energy can be undertaken in a second collision cell with different collision method, such as electron transfer dissociation(ETD) or electron capture dissociation(ECD). Products from either collision cell are injected, via the C trap, into the orbitrap where transients are collected for subsequent FT analysis.

The featured advantages of this hybrid mass spectrometry has made it popular in the following work:

Proteomics: Top-down analysis, Protein ID, Post-translational modification (PTM) analysis and quantitative proteomics
Metabolomics: untargeted metabolomics, de novo structural elucidation of unknown compounds

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