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Gene ontology, GO for short, is a quite powerful bioinformatics initiative to unify the representation of gene and gene product attributes across all species. Gene Ontology is established by Gene Ontology Consortium in 1998 in order to annotate and classify genes and their corresponding products. Now, Scientists at Creative Proteomics are proud to tell you we are open to help you with GO Analysis Service!

GO Annotation Analysis Service at Creative Proteomics could help your research with:

  • Maintain and develop its controlled vocabulary of gene and gene product attributes
  • Annotate genes and gene products
  • Assimilate and disseminate annotation data
  • Provide tools for easy access to all aspects of the data, enable functional interpretation of experimental data.

GO Annotation Analysis Service

GO Annotation Analysis Service at Creative Proteomics provides 3 separate categories (term hierarchies):

  • Cellular component: A cellular component could be considered as a component of a cell, but with the provision that it is a component of some larger object; this may be a gene product set (e.g. Proteasome, ribosome, or a protein dimer) or an anatomical structure (e.g. golgi body or lysosome).
  • Molecular function: Molecular function depicts activities, such as binding or catalytic activities, that happen at the molecular level. Molecular function terms represent activities instead of the entities (complexes or molecules) that perform the actions, and do not specify when or where, or in what context, the action occur.
  • Biological process: A biological process is a sequence of events accomplished by one or more orderly assemblies of biological functions. It can be difficult to differentiate between a molecular function and a biological process, but the common rule is that a process must have more than one distinct steps.

The GO project has developed formal ontologies involved in over 40,000 biological concepts, and these concepts describe what a protein does (Molecular function, MF), how it does it (Biological process, BP) and where it carries out this task in a generic cell (Cellular component, CC). GO annotations are statements describing the functions of genes with concepts in the Gene Ontology. The most common and simplest annotation links one protein to one function, e.g. Acacb + Insulin signaling pathway. Each statement is based on a specific piece of evidence. For example, the gene product "CYP3A4" can be described by the Molecular Function term "albendazole monooxygenase activity", the Cellular Component terms "cytoplasm" and "endoplasmic reticulum membrane", and the Biological Process terms "alkaloid catabolic process" and "drug metabolic process".

GO Analysis Service at Creative Proteomics can be used for the following:

  • Integration of proteomic data from different species
  • Classify the differential proteins
  • Predict the functions of specific protein domains
  • Identify genes involved in certain diseases

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