2D Electrophoresis Service

Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, abbreviated as 2-DE, is a powerful and widely used tool that uses gel electrophoresis to analyze mixtures of proteins. While both isoelectric focusing and SDS-PAGE are powerful techniques, 2D electrophoresis is a clever combination of the two methods. Proteins are first separated by their isoelectric point (pl) in isoelectric focusing, followed by a second separation through SDS-PAGE that resolves proteins based on molecular weight. Every protein spot on a 2D electrophoresis can be eluted and identified via high-throughput mass spectrometry. Therefore, 2D electrophoresis is particularly useful to compare protein profiles between different tissues, conditions, or between control and treated samples.

Overview of 2D Electrophoresis Service

At Creative Proteomics, we can provide reliable 2D electrophoresis service according to standard operating procedures (SOPs). With this service, complex mixtures consisting of thousands of different proteins can be separated and their relative amount can then be determined.

2D Electrophoresis

Figure 1. The workflow of 2D electrophoresis.

Sample Requirement

We accept diverse samples, including but not limited to

Advantages of 2D Electrophoresis

Applications of 2D Electrophoresis

Based on professional knowledge and experienced staff, Creative Proteomics provides the high-resolution and high-throughput 2-DE service for protein analysis. This service can provide direct visualization of changes in protein profiles and post-translational modifications. It also helps the discovery and detection of biomarkers, as well as drug discovery. As every project has different requirements, please contact our specialists to discuss your specific needs.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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