Differential Scanning Calorimetry Based Analysis Service

Differential Scanning Calorimetry based Analysis Service

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) is a technique used to determine the difference of the heat flow rate between the tested sample and a reference, over a controlled temperature range. This analytical procedure is achieved in a closed system, which is isolated from the surroundings by some boundary, through which only heat and energy but not mass are able to flow. Calorimetry can be conducted at either constant pressure or constant volume, which allows the analysts to monitor the temperature changes induced by the investigated reaction.

DSC is often used to obtain the information about properties and composition of unknown materials, investigate sample purity and confirm composition analysis; meanwhile, DSC is also quite popular in the food and pharmaceutical industries to characterize and enable the fine-tuning of certain properties; the stability of macromolecules and folding/unfolding information can be measured with DSC experiments.

Generally the Differential Scanning Calorimetry can be utilized in the following but not limited to:

Phase Transitions
Determination of melting and crystallization points & phase transitions by measurement of the change of enthalpy over temperature;

Determination of Glass Temperature
Measurement of Tg (glass temperature) with high resolution calorimetric detection;

Measurement of Specific Heat Capacity
Determination of Cp (specific heat capacity) of solids and liquids with sapphire standard;

Enthalpy Measurement of Chemical Reactions
Determination of endothermic and exothermic enthalpy ΔH of chemical reactions;

Measurement of Thermal / Oxidative Stability
Determination of Oxidation Induction Time in various gas atmospheres and at different pressures

The technical team in Creative Proteomics are eager to discuss the details of your projects and samples, and provide the optimal technical solution to your problems, based on the Differential Scanning Calorimetry.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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