DMA Based Analysis Service

DMA based Analysis Service

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, DMA for short and performed with dynamic mechanical spectroscopy, is a analytical technique which is widely applied to explore and characterize materials, especially to study the viscoelastic behavior of various polymers, like plastics and rubber.

In principle, a very small fluctuating mechanical sinusoidal stress is imposed on the polymer specimen with variation of temperature over time and then the generated strain in the tested material can be carefully measured, allowing to determine the complex modulus. The temperature of the sample and the frequency of the stress are often varied as programmed, leading to variations in the complex modulus. Based on the measured force amplitude, deformulation amplitude and the phase displacement Δ φ between the force and deformation signals, this DMA-based approach can be utilized to determine:

Viscoelastic Material Properties
Temperatures that characterize the Viscoelastic Properties
The Glass Transition Temperature
The Frequency-dependent Mechanical Properties of Materials

Creative Proteomics, as a reliable analytical CRO, can help you to characterize the polymer materials with the assistance of experienced analysts and technicians. If you are concerned about the qualities of plastics and rubbers, our tech staff are glad to provide analytical support.

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