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Transmembrane Prediction Service

A transmembrane protein (TP) is a kind of integral membrane protein that spans the entirety of the biological membrane to which it is permanently attached. Lots of transmembrane proteins function as gateways to allow the transport of specific substances across the membrane. They usually undergo significant conformational changes to move a substance through the membrane. Transmembrane proteins are often polytopic proteins that aggregate and precipitate in water. These membrane proteins require nonpolar or detergents solvents for extraction, although some of them can be also extracted using denaturing agents. Now, bioinformaticians at Creative Proteomics are proud to tell you we are open to help you with Transmembrane Prediction Service!

Transmembrane Prediction Service

Transmembrane helices are visible in protein structures determined by X-ray diffraction. They may also be predicted based on hydrophobicity scales. Since the interior of the bilayer and the interiors of most proteins of already known structure are hydrophobic, it is inferred to be a requirement of the amino acids that span a membrane that they be hydrophobic as well. Nevertheless, membrane pumps and ion channels contain numerous polar and charged residues within the non-polar transmembrane segments. Prediction of transmembrane helices using hydrophobicity analysis permits a prediction in turn of the "transmembrane topology" of a membrane protein; i.e. prediction of what parts of it protrude out the cell, what parts protrude into, and how many times the chain of membrane protein crosses the membrane.

Methods used in signal peptide prediction service provided by Creative Proteomics, include:

  • Hidden Markov Model
  • Dense Alignment Surface (DAS) method
  • Statistical analysis of known database
  • Machine learning method
  • Other methods if you need!

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