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Sequence-based Evolution Analysis of Proteins Service

Protein evolution is the process of change in the protein sequence composition of cellular molecules across generations. The field of protein evolution uses principles of evolutionary biology and population genetics to explain patterns in these changes. Major topics in protein evolution concern the rates and impacts of amino acid changes, neutral evolution vs. natural selection, evolution of development, and ways that evolutionary forces influence proteomic and phenotypic changes. Construction of phylogenetic trees using three-dimensional structures was first applied for a variety of protein families by Johnson and coworkers and later by others. Sequence-based method to construct the phylogenetic tree of proteins is a good way to study protein evolution. Now, bioinformaticians at Creative Proteomics are proud to tell you we are open to help you with Sequence-based Evolution Analysis of Proteins Service!

Sequence-based Evolution Analysis of Proteins Service

Depending on the relative importance assigned to the multiple forces of evolution, three perspectives provide evolutionary explanations for protein evolution.

  • Selectionist hypotheses suggest that selection is the driving force of molecular evolution. While acknowledging that a number of mutations are neutral, many selectionists attribute changes in the frequencies of neutral alleles to linkage disequilibrium with another locus that are under selection, rather than to random genetic drift.
  • Neutralist hypotheses emphasize the importance of purifying selection, mutation, and random genetic drift. The Neutral theory of molecular evolution holds that most mutations in DNA are at locations not important to function or fitness. These neutral changes drift toward fixation within a population. In this process, positive changes will be very rare, and so will not greatly contribute to DNA polymorphisms.
  • Mutationist hypotheses emphasize random drift and biases in mutation patterns. Sueoka was the first scientist to propose a modern mutationist view. He suggested that the variation in GC content was not the consequence of positive selection, but a result of the GC mutational pressure.

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