Protein-protein Interactions Analysis Service

Proteins are the critical players in molecular recognition at the core of all biological processes. They can interact with the other components of cells, such as small-molecule metabolites, nucleic acids, membranes, and other proteins to build supramolecular assemblies and elaborate molecular machines that perform all sorts of functions, from chemical catalysis and mechanical work to signaling and regulation. As one of the most important interactions, Protein-Protein Interactions have been studied widely. So far large scale protein-protein interactions have been identified, and all the generated data collected together in specialized databases, enables the creation of large protein interaction networks.

Like the metabolic or genetic/epigenetic networks, the research of PPIs can help us to understand the mechanism of signal transduction, transportation across membranes, cell metabolism and other biological processes conducted by stable or transient, covalent or non-covalent interactions.

Protein-protein InteractionsAnalysis Service

Information stored in PPIs databases such as DIP (Database of Interacting Proteins), BIND (Biomolecular Interaction Network Database) and KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes), can be applied to establish protein-protein interactions networks. With the in-house software, Creative Proteomics can help you to establish and visualize a more reliable PPI networks by scoring the confidence level of putative interactions.

Creative Proteomics can provide even senior data mining services, using protein annotation information, such as:

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