Lipoxygenase Products Analysis Service

Lipoxygenase Products Analysis Service

Lipoxygenases are a family of non-heme, iron-containing  enzymes most of which catalyze the dioxygenation of polyunsaturated fatty acids  in lipids containing a cis,cis-1,4-pentadiene into cell signaling agents that  serve various roles as autocrine signals that regulate the function of their  parent cells, paracrine signals that regulate the function of nearby cells, and  endocrine signals that regulate the function of distant cells. Human proteins  expressed from the lipoxygenase family include ALOX12, ALOX12B, ALOX15,  ALOX15B, ALOX5, and ALOXE3. While humans also have the ALOX12P2 gene, which is  an ortholog of the well-expressed Alox12P gene in mice, the human gene is a  pseudogene; consequently, ALOX12P2 protein is not detected in humans.

The typical lipoxygenase  catalyzes the following reaction:The lipoxygenases are related to each other  based upon their similar genetic structure and dioxygenation activity. However,  one lipoxygenase, ALOXE3, while containing a lipoxygenase genetic structure,  possesses relatively little dioxygenation activity; rather its primary activity  appears to be as an isomerasewhich catalyzes hydroperoxy unsaturated fatty  acids into their 1,5-epoxide, hydroxyl derivatives.

Lipoxygenases are found  in plants, fungi, and animals; while the third domain of terrestrial life, the  archaea, possesses proteins with a slight amino acid sequence similarity (~20%)  to lipoxygenases, these proteins lack iron-binding residues and therefore are  not projected to possess lipoxygenase activity.

These enzymes are most  common in plants where they may be involved in a number of diverse aspects of  plant physiology including growth and development, pest resistance, and senescence.  In mammals a lot of lipoxygenasesisozymes are involved in the metabolism of  eicosanoids (such as prostaglandins, leukotrienes and nonclassic  eicosanoids).Two lipoxygenases may act in series to produce di-hydroxy or  tri-hydroxy products that have activities quite different than either  lipoxyenases' products. This serial metabolism may take place in different cell  types that express only one of the two lipoxygenases in such a process termed  transcellular metabolism. As an example, ALOX5 and ALOX15 or, alternatively,  ALOX5 and ALOX12 can act serially to metabolizearachidonic acid into lipoxins  while ALOX15 and possibly ALOX15B can act with ALOX5 to metabolize eicosapentaenoic  acid to resolvin D's.

Currently, a reliable and reproducible  method using highly sensitive LC-MS/MS platform for the identification and quantification of  diverse lipoxygenase products (eicosanoids)  in different sample types has been established by the scientists  at Creative Proteomics, which can satisfy the needs of academic and industrial  study in your lab.



Identification and quantification oflipoxygenase  productsby  mixed organic solvent extractionin plasma or tissue. Lipoxygenase  products are  extracted and concentrated using solid phase extraction. The eluant is dried  and re-suspended for LC-MS separation and measured using MRM methods.

Sample  Requirement


Representative lipoxygenase products that can be measured in a Lipoxygenase Product Panel by targeted LC-MS/MS:

Ordering Procedure:

Ordering Procedure

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Staffed  by experienced biological scientists, Creative Proteomics can provide a  wide range of services ranging from the sample preparation to the lipid  extraction, characterization, identification and quantification. We promise accurate and reliable  analysis, in shorter duration of time! You are welcome to discuss your project with us.

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