Oxalic Acid Analysis Service

Oxalic Acid Analysis Service

Oxalic acid is also  known as Ethanedioic Acid and it is a colorless, crystalline, toxic organic  compound. The chemical formulation of Oxalic  acid is C2H2O4 belonging to the family of carboxylic acids and the its condensed  formula is HOOCCOOH, reflecting its classification as the simplest dicarboxylic  acid. Oxalic acid is one of the  strongest organic acids with pKa values of 1.3 and 4.3 and is a widely  occurring natural product of animals, plants and other organisms. Oxalic acid was first reported to be  synthesized in 1776 and is known as a constituent of wood sorrel as early as  the 17th century.

Scientists at Creative Proteomics utilize a highly quantitative method with  high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)  for the determination of Oxalic Acid levels in various samples, including  Plant, Tissue, Fungi and more. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) using a differential refractive  index detector (RID) for the determination of Oxalic acid levels in a lot of  biological samples. This Methodology provides accurate, reliable, and  reproducible results of Oxalic acid measurement, which enables us to analyze of  Oxalic acid levels in vitro and in vivo.

The conjugate base of Oxalic acid is a competitive inhibitor of the lactate  dehydrogenase(LDH) enzyme, which can catalyse the conversion of pyruvate to  lactic acid and oxidise the coenzyme NADH to NAD+ and H+ concurrently. lactic  acid is the end product of the fermentation (anaerobic) process. Restoring NAD+  levels is necessary to the continuation of anaerobic energy metabolism through  glycolysis.Inhibition of LDH has been shown to inhibit tumor formation and  growth due to the cancer cells preferentially use anaerobic metabolism (see  Warburg effect), Inhibition of LDH has been an interesting potential course of  cancer treatment. Oxalic acid has a  wide variety of industrial and household applications. Oxalic acid is also widely used as an acid rinse in laundries  because it is a constituent of cleaning solutions for removing paint, varnish,  rust and ink stains, in which it converts most insoluble iron compounds into a  soluble complex ion. It is also used for cleaning of bleaching wood and straw,  as a chrome stripper and as a bleach in leather manufacture.

The Russian-Polish botanist M. Tswett is  generally recognized as the first person to establish the principles of  chromatography. In a paper he presented in 1906, Tswett described how he filled  a glass tube with chalk powder (CaCO3) and, by allowing an ether solution of  chlorophyll to flow through the chalk, separated the chlorophyll into layers of  different colors. He called this technique “chromatography”. Fundamentally,  chromatography is a technique used to separate the components contained in a  sample. High Performance Liquid Chromatography  (HPLC) is a method able to separate non-volatile, thermally unstable, and  polar components separate or in a mixture. HPLC is a type of chromatography that, because of its wide application range and  quantitative accuracy, is regarded as an indispensable analytical technique,  particularly in the field of organic chemistry. It is also widely used as a  preparation technique for the isolation and purification of target components  contained in mixtures.

Oxalic acid Analysis  Service at Creative Proteomics supports your research in Oxalic acid Analysis. HPLC Based Analysis Service Platform  enable us at Creative Proteomics offers you a state-of-the-art Analysis Service.

Sample Type
Plant, Tissue, Fungi and more

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) using a differential refractive  index detector (RID) for the determination of Oxalic acid levels in a lot of biological samples. This Methodology  provides accurate, reliable, and reproducible results of Oxalic acid measurement, which enables us to analyze of Oxalic acid levels in vitro and in  vivo.

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