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Testing and Analysis Service at Creative-Proteomics has the largest independent network of laboratories in the world, is constructed to help the scientist to quantitative and qualitative the chemical compound, raw materials, trace impurities, contamination and more. Experts with years of industry experience at Creative-Proteomics perform routine analytical tests as well as high-end products to the trace levels. Our PhD level analyst will review your project, optimize method parameters, enhance resolution and sensitivity, and provide a more robust method for you. Clients can utilize Creative-Proteomics's techniques to extend your analytical R&D.

Testing and Analysis Service


Food and Beverage Analysis
Environment Analysis Service
Forensics Analysis Service
Clinical Analysis Service
Composition Analysis
Pet Food Analysis
Coenzyme I Analysis Service
Biogenic Amine Analysis Service
Anthocyanins Analysis Service
Organic Acid Analysis Service
Animal Hormones Analysis Service
Unsaturated Fatty Acids Analysis Service
Plant Hormones Analysis Service
Carbohydrate Metabolism Analysis Service
Adenosine Triphosphate Analysis Service
NADP Analysis Service
Signaling Molecule Analysis Service
Chinese Herbal Medicine Ingredient Analysis Service

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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