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Overview of Metabolomics Services

Metabolomics is the study of metabolism, specifically the science of identifying and quantifying the biochemical byproducts of metabolism, called cellular metabolites. This is achieved by using analytical technologies such as NMR and mass spectrometry combined with sophisticated statistical methods to interpret the generated data. Compared with genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, metabolomics provide a direct and global snapshot of all the metabolites, and tell the researchers what have happened, making it more and more popular in disease research, toxicology, environmental analysis, agriculture, biofuel development and nutrition.

Creative Proteomics can help you to deal with various formats of biological samples of different origins, such as biological fluids, tissues, and food products. All the analytical procedures are performed with advanced NMR and Mass spectrometry instruments. Especially the MS platform, combined with different MS detector (TOF, quadrupole and ion trap, or tandem/hybrid MS), gas chromatography (GC) or liquid chromatography (LC).

Our metabolomics services include:

  • Global metabolite profiling
  • Targeted & untargeted metabolomic profiling
  • Lipidomic profiling
  • Metabolite identification & quantification

Applications of our services:

  • Biomedical area: metabolomic profiling of biological fluids, such as urine, blood, and serum
  • Pharmaceutical area: drug toxicity analysis
  • Food: fruits, vegetables, dairy products, olive oil, etc.

Advantage of our service:

  • Rapid and reliable analytical results
  • Easy to read report
  • Identification and quantification of several classes of metabolites in several species
  • Lipidomic profiling platform across several lipid classes
  • Quantification of polar and non-polar metabolites with a quality control system

Overview of our metabolomics services:

ApplicationPlatformsCompoundsSample PreparationSample TypeNumbers of Detected   Compounds
Untargeted Metabolomics (Biomarker)GC-MSpolar   compounds(organic acids, carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, polyhydric   alcohols, phosphoric acids and derivatives)ultrasonic   extraction, LLE, nitrogen sample concentration, derivativeplant~100
body fluid
fatty acidsrotary evaporation,   Soxhlet extraction, esterification reactionplant10-30
body fluid
volatile/aromatic   compounds (organic acids, alkanes, phenols, alkene, alcohols, aldehydes,   esters, ketones, amides, etc.)organic solvent,   simultaneous distillation, steam distillation, Soxhlet extraction, Bligh-Dyer   methodplantdozens-hundreds
body fluid
LC-MS(Q-TOF)conventional   metabolomicsgrinding, sonicationplant200-400 Peaks
cell crush, LLEorganism
centrifugation,   precipitationbody fluid
cell crush, LLEcell
homogenate, LLEtissue
lipidomicsBligh-Dyer, MTBEfacesdetect PC/LysoPC,   PE/LysoPE simultaneously
body fluid
Targeted MetabolomicsGC-MSfatty acids37 fatty acids  
carbohydratefructose, glucose,   etc.  
LC-MS/MSorganic acidsacetic, malic acid, etc.  
amino acidsover 20  
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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