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Protein molecules play a key role in kit development, diagnostic reagent development, and drug discovery. Accurate and rapid analysis of the complete protein sequence is helpful for the functional study of unknown proteins, and is of great significance for the development and production of protein drugs including monoclonal antibodies. The traditional protein sequence analysis technology requires the help of a sequence database including the identified protein in the process of protein identification, and then the molecular weight data determined by mass spectrometry is compared with the molecular weight data obtained after the theoretical sequence fragmentation of the database to achieve a comparison. Sequencing and identification of proteins. In the actual scientific research process, the information of many newly discovered proteins is not included in the existing database, for example, an unreported brand-new protein, or a protein purified from a brand-new species. Therefore, the sequencing of unknown proteins, such as antibodies or proteins from organisms with unsequenced genomes, remains a challenging problem.

Fig. 1. Description of database-independent protein sequencing(DiPS).Fig. 1. Description of database-independent protein sequencing(DiPS). (Alon S, et al., 2017)

Our Services

Creative Proteomics proposes a database-independent sequencing method for unknown proteins, which is used for clear, rapid full sequence analysis of unknown proteins, relying on the company's advanced mass spectrometry platform and rich experience in bioinformatics analysis. This method combines multi-enzymatic degradation of proteins with de novo sequencing, followed by analysis by unique bioinformatics software.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality unknown protein sequencing services to accelerated research. In the services of protein sequence determination, we use the complementarity between different digested peptides, different proteases are selected for digestion to achieve 100% full sequence splicing of protein molecules. that is, by de novo sequencing method was used for the determination. In addition, or as an alternative, sequencing may be performed by N-terminal sequencing, which sequentially separates amino acids from the N-terminus of a peptide using Edman chemistry.

Our Full sequence analysis of unknown protein services has been widely applie the follows.

  • Accurate determination of sequence information of unknown proteins or peptides in academic research.
  • Development of reagents, diagnostic reagents, and protein drugs.
  • Characterization of antibody variable regions.
  • Measurement of environmental samples and samples of microbiome.

Our Technical Advantages

  • Full protein sequence coverage (100% sequence coverage).
  • Advanced data processing algorithms.
  • Extremely high precision and accuracy.
  • Rigorous sequence prediction and strict sequence verification.
  • Low sample volume (100 μg).

At Creative Proteomics, we provide professional and complete unknown protein sequence analysis services for our global customers, which could be applied for accurate determination of unknown proteins or peptides in academic research. Our scientists can also design customized services. Please feel free to contact us If you are interested in our services, we look forward to with your cooperation.


  1. Savidor A, Barzilay R, Elinger D, et al. (2017) Database-independent protein sequencing (DiPS) enables full-length de novo protein and antibody sequence determination. Mol Cell Proteomics. 16(6):1151-1161.

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