LC-MS Based Host Residual Protein Analysis Service

LC-MS Based Host Residual Protein Analysis Service

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Host cell proteins (HCPs) are low-level, process-related protein impurities in drug products derived from host organisms during biotherapeutic manufacturing. During the expression of recombinant protein drugs, the host cell system can express many endogenous proteins. Purification of drugs from these HCP contaminants can be challenging, leaving low levels of contaminants after purification, and host cell proteins (HCPs) accompanying recombinant biotherapeutics can significantly affect drug efficacy and cause immunogenicity. According to guidance for regulatory agencies (ICH Q6B), the detection and quantification of residual HCPs as potential process-related impurities is critical for biopharmaceutical companies.

ELISA technology that relies on antibody recognition can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of HCP proteins, which is currently the most widely used technology. However, the premise of accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of HCP proteins using ELISA technology is the standard products and corresponding antibodies of these HCP proteins. There are more than thousands of HCP proteins. Due to the lack of standard products and corresponding antibodies, it is impossible to effectively apply ELISA technology for qualitative and quantitative analysis of all proteins. In order to make up for the shortcomings of ELISA technology, Creative Proteomics provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of HCP proteins based on LC-MS technology, our experts will deploy the best methods to test your biopharmaceuticals at the drug discovery stage.

Fig. 1. Detection and quantitation of host cell proteins in monoclonal antibody drug products using LC-MS/MS.Fig. 1. Detection and quantitation of host cell proteins in monoclonal antibody drug products using LC-MS/MS. (Strasser L, et al., 2021)

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Host cell protein (HCP) impurities are critical quality attributes that have the potential to negatively impact the quality and safety of biopharmaceutical products. Since HCPs are often present in low levels, developing highly sensitive analytical methods to identify and quantify them is critical for process optimization and improvements to reduce their content in final drug products are critical. Thanks to best-in-class mass spectrometry experience, Creative Proteomics has developed an advanced host cell protein profiling platform.

For regulatory filings, LC-MS has been an orthogonal method that supports and complements Ligand Binding Assays (LBAs) such as ELISA. Therefore, Creative Proteomics provides innovative and powerful LC-MS expertise and software tools for characterizing and quantifying host cell protein impurities. With our solutions, we support your bioprocessing, improve your downstream processes and enhance your regulatory information.

At Creative Proteomics, our highly qualified scientists first extract host cell whole protein, trypsinize and enrich, and then perform shotgun proteomics analysis to identify HCPs in antibody drug substances.

We Can Provide but Not Limited to:

  • Whole protein extraction of host cell.
  • Qualitative identification of host cell proteins.
  • Quantitative analysis of host cell proteins.
  • Characterize HCP originated from multiple species.
  • Comprehensive and accurate evaluation of residual HCP.

Advantages of Our LC-MS Based Host Residual Protein Analysis Service

  • Compared with the traditional ELISA and 2D methods, the LC-MS method specifically confirm and quantify all HCPs, and unbiasedly detect all impurity proteins.
  • Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity: The detection dynamic range of mass spectrometry is 6 orders of magnitude, which meets the detection of most HCP proteins.
  • The protein does not need to be labeled, the total amount of sample required is small with low cost.
  • Highly efficient analysis and short turnaround time: 5-7 days for comprehensive reports.
  • Customized service: The optimization method will be customized according to your sample type and size.

Creative Proteomics is a reliable biopharmaceutical partner. Our professional team can provide high-quality LC-MS based host residual protein analysis service for global customers. We will provide clear, comprehensive written reports, recommendations and agreements, as well as customized services to help clients solve analytical and technical problems. If you would like more information on a specific aspect of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions.


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