Biopharmaceutical Variation Analysis Services

Biopharmaceutical Variation Analysis Services

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Biopharmaceutical Variation Analysis Services

Changes in the post-translational modification state of proteins affect the stability, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and drug safety of biopharmaceutical molecules. Oxidation, deamidation, and mutation are the most important modification problems encountered by biopharmaceuticals. Oxidation can occur on a variety of amino acid residues, and the most prone to oxidative modification is methionine (Met), which is oxidized to generate methionine sulfoxide. Deamidation is a post-modification that often occurs during the production and storage of monoclonal antibody drugs. It usually occurs on the side chain of asparagine (Asn, N), and a small part of this modification also exists on glutamine. Mutation is a primary sequence change that may occur during the production of monoclonal antibody drugs. If the mutation occurs in the CDR region, it will affect the antibody-antigen recognition. Currently, mass spectrometry is the only tool that can accurately characterize the type and content of post-translational modifications. With rich experience and capabilities in Mass Spectrometry, Creative Proteomics provides comprehensive biopharmaceutical variation analysis services to accelerate your biopharmaceutical development.

Our Services

As a global protein sequencing and mass spectrometry service provider, Creative Proteomics has been providing comprehensive analytical support for biopharmaceuticals. Our laboratory is equipped with high-performance liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry technology to accurately identify the sites and relative amounts of various modifications. Through bottom-up proteome analysis technology, the main post-translational modification types of biopharmaceuticals can be characterized, the Deepnovo technology built into PEAKS software is based on feature and de novo technology, which can analyze the post-translational modification and site mutation of monoclonal antibody with high sensitivity.

Based on high-resolution mass spectrometry technology, Creative Proteomics provides a series of complete biopharmaceutical variation analysis solutions services for global researchers, including but not limited to:

Analytical Methods of Our Biopharmaceutical Identification Services

  • ESI-MS High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
  • Edman Degradation Method
  • Carboxypeptidase Method
  • Chemical Method
  • Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Why Choose Us?

  • Comprehensive and systematic analysis platform.
  • Professional advices from our team of experienced scientists.
  • Advanced mass spectrometry equipment: The Thermo Orbitrap Tribid Eclipse mass spectrometer accelerates data acquisition with ultra-high resolution and scan speed, improving detection accuracy.
  • Quick turnaround time: Deliver the report in 5-7 days.
  • Customized service: Customize the most economical and suitable solution according to your project.
  • Excellent after-sales service:Professional after-sales service team to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the whole process of project analysis.

Creative Proteomics provides comprehensive and systematic biopharmaceutical qualification services to meet regulatory requirements for global biopharmaceutical characterization. With our advanced analytical platforms and professional bioscientists, we can provide our customers with a series of biopharmaceutical variation analysis services, whether you are developing biosimilars, novel molecules, peptides, antibodies, bispecifics/Multispecificity, drug conjugates or any other molecule! In addition, our expert team can also provide the most economical and professional customized solutions according to your requirements. If you are interested in our services, or have any questions, please contact us without any hesitation.

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