Acetylated Protein Analysis Service

Acetylated Protein Analysis Service

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Acetylation is a broad post-translational modification that is involved in many cellular processes and plays a very important role in the activation of transcriptional regulators in the nucleus. In cells, the reaction of acetylation modification is catalyzed by acetyltransferase, and the acetyl group provided by the metabolite acetyl-CoA can be co- or post-translationally attached to the α-amino group of the N-terminal of the protein or the ε-amino group of the lysine residue. Metabolites such as acetyl-CoA can in turn regulate the degree of acylation modification of proteins, thereby affecting the metabolic function of organisms. It is a type of post-translational modification shared by prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Currently, thousands of acetylated proteins have been identified in proteomic studies. The study of new protein acetylation sites and acetylation modification omics can provide important guidance for revealing the causes of more diseases, and open new ideas for the development of new drugs related to diseases.

Fig. 1. Dynamic acetylation and deacetylation of proteins.Fig. 1. Dynamic acetylation and deacetylation of proteins. (Roux P P, et al., 2013)

Our Services

Creative Proteomics is a leading global provider of protein sequencing, and our laboratory laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art tandem mass spectrometers capable of acquiring high-resolution, accurate-mass (HRAM) data.

At Creative Proteomics, we introduce a quantitative proteomic analysis platform for acetylation to analyze acetylation in multiple samples and in eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Before mass spectrometry analysis, our professional and rich laboratory technicians use peptide pre-separation to reduce the impact of high-abundance histones on protein acetylation identification, and then combined with co-immunoprecipitation to enrich acetylated peptides through efficient antibodies, so as to realize the identification and quantification of large-scale acetylation.

In addition different enzymes are used to digest the protein samples during the digestion process, which ensures that peptides with acetylation sites are ionized into mass spectrometry for analysis with high efficiency, eliminating the loss of acetylation information caused by inappropriate peptide lengths and low ionization efficiency.

With cutting-edge equipment and expertise in protein sequencing and mass spectrometry, we provide one-stop acetylated protein analysis service. You only need to tell us the purpose of your experiment and send your samples to us, we will take care of all the follow-up matters of the project.

Experiment Process

  • Protein extraction.
  • In-gel or in-solution enzymatic digestion.
  • Acetylated peptide enrichment.
  • Peptide separation.
  • Mass spectrometry analysis.
  • Acetylation site data analysis.

What Can We Offer You?

Creative Proteomics has a experienced scientists team in acetylated protein analysis, we can provide but not limited to:

  • Acetylation Analysis
  • Acetylated Peptide Enrichment
  • Acetylation Site Recognition
  • Acetylation Site Mapping
  • Acetylated Protein-Protein Pnteraction Analysis

Advantages of Our Services

Our analytical services strictly follow ICH Q6B guidelines with the following attractive features.

  • Wide range of applications: Qualitative and relative quantitative analysis of acetylation sites can be performed on various proteins, and specific modification sites can be found. The results are credible and reliable, and specific modified peptides can be given.
  • High site coverage (optional): The mainstream antibody affinity enrichment method is used before mass spectrometry detection, which enrichs acetylated peptides to increase the detection coverage with high specificity and good enrichment efficiency.
  • Rich experience: Years of experience in protein sequencing platform services, with a wealth of high-level project articles.
  • Advanced mass spectrometry platform: Thanks to high resolution and high scanning speed mass spectrometry, the detection speed is nearly doubled.
  • Fast turnaround time: A complete report is achived in 5-7 days.
  • Customized service: The protocols analysis will be tailored according to your project and sample type.

Sample Requirements

  1. Tissue samples: Plant tissue samples > 200 mg, blood samples > 1 mL (with EDTA for anticoagulation of plasma), serum > 0.5 mL, urine> 2 mL, animal tissue samples >1 g, cell samples > 5X107 cells, microorganisms > 200 mg (dry weigh).
  2. Protein samples > 1mg.

Thanks to our powerful mass spectrometry sequencing platform, Creative Proteomics provides a one-stop acetylated protein analysis service. Our experienced scientists work with you to develop tailor-made analytical solutions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding acetylated protein analysis.


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