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IgG is the abbreviation of immunoglobulin G (Immunoglobulin G, IgG), which is the main antibody component in serum, accounting for about 75% of serum Ig. 40-50% of them are distributed in serum, while the rest in tissues. IgG antibodies play a role to activate complement and neutralize a variety of toxins in the immune response. It is mainly synthesized by plasma cells in the spleen and lymph nodes with a relatively long half-life, and It is an antibody that can cross the placenta during pregnancy to protect the fetus and plays an important role in natural passive immunity. The approximate molecular weight of IgG antibodies is 150 kDa, and it has a basic monomeric "H2L2" structure consisting of 2 heavy (H) and 2 light (L) chains. Each H chain is paired with an L chain. The heavy chain components are CH1, CH2, CH3, hinge, and VH, and the light chain consists of CL and a k or λ chain. There are 4 isotypes of IgG antibodies: IgG1, IgG2, IgG3 and IgG4 respectively. The various regions and domains of a typical IgG are depicted in figure 1.

Fig. 1. Structural schematic of IgG.Fig. 1. Structural schematic of IgG. (Murphy C, et al., 2016)

Our Services

Creative Proteomics has been committed to the field of monoclonal antibody sequencing for many years. Here, our skilled laboratory technicians have accumulated rich experience in antibody sequencing, and can deliver high-quality sequencing results in a short period of time.

Obtaining monoclonal antibody sequences is the precursor for antibody engineering and antibody humanization research, and can also apply for patents and other intellectual property rights. At Creative Proteomics, with a powerful de novo sequencing mass spectrometry platform, we provide our customers with comprehensive IgG antibody sequencing services, including but not limited to:

  • Mouse IgG Sequencing
  • Rat IgG Sequencing
  • Hamster IgG Sequencing
  • Rabbit IgG Sequencing
  • Human IgG Sequencing
  • Other species IgG Sequencing

Note: The protein amount is preferably greater than 1mg (purity > 90%) due to the need for multiple different protease hydrolysis during the sequencing process.

Advantages of Our Services

  • High-quality reporting: The whole raw sequence data (100% accuracy guaranteed, otherwise no charge), and final sequence report with variable heavy and light chain sequences or full-length sequences.
  • Wide applicability: IgG sequencing for any species (mouse, rat, human, rabbit, hamster, camel, sheep, etc.).
  • High throughput: Whether it's one or multiple samples, we can do it.
  • Customized service: We can design specialized solutions according to your requirements.
  • Fast turnaround time: We provide rapid sequencing services, as fast as one week.

Creative Proteomics provides professional IgG antibody sequencing services for global customers. Our team has successfully sequenced thousands of antibodies to help researchers decode their antibodies in a fraction of the time. Therefore, please contact us if you are interested in our antibody sequencing services.


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