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Most biochemical reactions in a cell are regulated by highly specialized proteins, which are the prime mediators of the cellular phenotype. Therefore the identification, quantitation and characterization of all proteins in a cell are of utmost importance to understand the molecular processes that mediate cellular physiology. Proteomics is a large-scale comprehensive study of a specific proteome, including information on protein abundances, the variations and modifications, as well as their interacting partners and networks. We can find some "disease-specific protein molecules" through the comparative analysis of the proteome between normal individuals and pathological individuals, which can become molecular targets for new drug design, or also provide molecular markers for early diagnosis of diseases. And that mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics is the most comprehensive approach in the most analytical methodsin for the quantitative profiling of proteins, their interactions and modifications.

Fig. 1. Some common applications of MS-based proteomics in biology.Fig. 1. Some common applications of MS-based proteomics in biology. (Sinha, et al., 2020)

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At Creative Proteomics, we offer two different mass spectrometry strategies to accelerate your proteomics research, top-down and bottom-up respectively. In the top-down strategy, the intact protein, isn't degradated, is directly analyzed by LC-MS, and its sequence is determined according to the fragment ions in the spectrum. while in the bottom-up strategy, the intact protein is first hydrolyzed to mixture into peptides by protease digestion. Then, the peptides were detected by LC-MS, and the peptides were de novo sequenced to obtain the complete protein sequence.

Our mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomic analysis is an attractive and innovative practice that identifies proteins with extreme precision and sensitivity. In current technology, mass spectrometry methods combined with liquid chromatography help to quantify the expression of thousands of proteins and facilitate the analysis of dynamic proteomic changes that occur under specific conditions. In the top-down strategy, our highly professional scientists developed another brand-new protein analysis method. Compared with traditional sequencing, our scientists use a variety of non-specific proteases to continuously digest proteins to improve the types and overlaps of protein digested peptides, thereby increasing the coverage of protein sequencing.

Creative Proteomics offers the following featured proteomics analysis services to assist your scientific research with years' experience in advanced experiment equipment.

Creative Proteomics has a dedicated team of bioscientists, consist of researcher with experience in proteomics, to provide a range of proteomics and bioinformatics analysis services to our clients. Thanks to our biological expertise and data analytics capabilities, we provide mass spectrometry-based proteomics solutions capable of simultaneously quantifying thousands of proteins in thousands of samples. Please contact us immediately If you are interested in our services.


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