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Antibody Sequencing

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Antibody protein sequencing is simply defined as the amino acid sequence of an unknown antibody. It is too late to sequence for hybridomas, since cell lines have been lost or unavailable. Antibody sequencing, that is directly targets antibody proteins for de novo sequencing, without the need for cell lines. Monoclonal antibodies molecules play a key role in drug development and diagnostic reagent development, which the primary structure of the antibody molecule, especially the amino acid sequence of its CDR region, is the core of its biological function. In addition, acquisition of primary structure information of originator drugs is the basis and prerequisite for the development of antibody generic drugs. Direct sequencing of commercially available antibody products can accelerate the development of antibody drugs or diagnostic reagents. Therefore, it is important meaning to accurate and rapid analysis of its complete sequence.

Fig.1. Antibody structure and sequence diversification mechanisms. (George Georgiou, et al., 2014)Fig.1. Antibody structure and sequence diversification mechanisms. (George Georgiou, et al., 2014)

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Creative Proteomics has established a next-generation antibody sequencing platform with the basis of high-precision, high-resolution mass spectrometry equipment and rich experience in bioinformatics analysis, which can quickly and accurately analyze the primary structure of antibodies. This platform is suitable for sequence analysis of different subtypes of antibodies (IgG and IgM) and different types of antibodies (fluorescence-conjugated antibodies, immobilized antibodies, antibodies of different species).

Additionally, Creative Proteomics also has developed a PCR-based antibody sequencing workflow combined with degenerate primer design. This PCR-based antibody sequencing method is more cost-effective and less time-consuming than mass spectrometry-based antibody sequencing methods.

At Creative Proteomics, we provide a complete set of antibody sequencing services, covering the entire analysis steps involved in antibody sequencing, with the ability to analyze the full-length sequence of the antibody, the amino acid sequence of the variable region, and complete sequence information for the light and heavy chain of the antibody.Here, we provide antibody sequencing services as follows:

Advantages of Our Services

  • We have a team of development experts in the field of antibody sequencing, which can greatly improve your success rate.
  • Our price is the most competitive in the market.
  • Our standardized processes provide you with quick turnaround.
  • We design customized services according to your requirements, and obtain antibody sequencing services that strictly meet your requirements.
  • We provide one-stop solutions from sequencing to therapeutic antibodies.

Creative Proteomics focuses on the development and research of antibody sequencing platforms. We have a professional scientific research team who dedicated to providing the most professional and economical antibody sequencing service projects for our global researchers. If you are interested in our services, please feel free contact us. We look forward to working with you.


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