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Immobilized antibody systems are the key to develop efficient diagnostics and separations tools. In immunoassays (IAs), immobilized antibodies are preferred over their free counterpart to curtail the number of detection steps and time, as well as to improve high detection sensitivity and reproducibility. Ideally, the immobilized antibody, an antibody with immobilized material formed by linking the antibody to the surface of the stationary phase, should maintain its natural conformation, and there is no space for antigen binding between adjacent antibody molecules with the Fc fragment facing the surface of the solid phase, and the Fab fragment exposed to the liquid phase. However, the binding of antibodies on the carrier may have different spatial curves, and some immobilized antibodies may inactivate or denature due to random orientations that caused by space effects during immobilization, thereb losing antigen-binding activity. Therefor, sequencing of immobilized antibodies is particularly important in order to detect whether changes in protein conformation are caused during the immobilization of antibodies.

Fig. 1. Schematic diagram of IgG immobilization on the gold surface modified with a solution of CS2 and protein A.Fig. 1. Schematic diagram of IgG immobilization on the gold surface modified with a solution of CS2 and protein A. (Niu Y, et al., 2012)

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As an advanced protein sequencing service provider, Creative Proteomics has a powerful protein sequencing platform to accelerate your project's R&D journey. Here, we provide you with comprehensive immobilized antibody sequencing services.

At Creative Proteomics, our highly qualified staff develops mass spectrometry platform-based de novo sequencing services for your immobilized antibodies, and high-resolution mass spectrometers and advanced bioinformatics analysis software guarantee a 100% success rate. You only need to provide 1mg of antibody (purity >90%) for detection.

The following is our simple sequencing workflow:

Ⅰ. Immobilized antibody are digested with enzyme to obtain short overlapping peptides.

Ⅱ. LC-MS/MS of each peptide are achived by mass spectrometer.

Ⅲ. Based on bioinformatics software, data analysising including de novo peptide identification and automated overlapping peptide assembly.

Ⅳ. Delivery of a comprehensive immobilized antibody sequencing report.

With our extensive sequencing experience, you can also expect:

  • Customized service: Customized solutions for you according to your testing purpose and budget.
  • High quality report: All raw data and processing are contained .
  • Professional technology platform: Based on high resolution (greater than 105) and mass accuracy (less than 1ppm) Mass spectrometry platform to ensure the accuracy of identification results.
  • Advanced bioinformatics analysis: Protein sequences can be accurately identified without losing any valid data information.
  • Wide range of application: All antibodies are applicable theoretically.

Creative Proteomics has accumulated extensive experience in the discovery and sequencing of therapeutic antibodies and proteins. We provide professional immobilized antibody sequencing services for global customers. Our team has successfully sequenced thousands of antibodies to help researchers decode their antibodies in a fraction of the time. Therefore, please contact us if you are interested in our antibody sequencing services.


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