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An unprecedented wealth of biological data has been generated by the human genome project and sequencing projects in other organism. With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, more and more pharmaceutical companies adopt bioinformatics software to perform and maintain large-scale and complex bioinformatics in these industries. In addition to the basic acquisition and analysis of simple data, researchers external bioinformatics advice is also available for any complex analysis based on the use of sophisticated software programs to retrieve, organize, analyze, predict and store DNA and protein sequence data.

Bioinformatics Services

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With the development of proteomics mass spectrometry technology, the precision of proteomics analysis instruments has been continuously improved, and more data have been obtained from it. However, It is extremely difficult to analyze the characteristics of proteins by manually processing such a large amount of mass spectrometry information. Therefore, these proteomics data need to be analyzed and processed by professional bioinformatics methods. Creative Proteomics' bioinformatics analysts are specialized in knowledge mining of proteomics data, especially protein sequence analysis, and quickly discover a large amount of protein-protein interaction data.

In order to better promote your research, Creative Proteomics has established a bioinformatics analysis platform for proteomics data, providing a complete set of bioinformatics solutions. At the same time, we can provide customized bioinformatics analysis services according to customer requirements and references, discover biological knowledge from high-throughput experimental data, and help customers with drug design, toxicity analysis and discovery of disease markers.

Byonic Software Analysis Service

Byonic software is a software specially used to identify peptide and protein sequences obtained by tandem mass spectrometry, which can not only be used to search for various combinations of modification types, to search for unknown modifications within a certain range through the "Wildcard Search™" mode.

Mass Spectrometry Data Processing and Analysis Service

With the popularization and technological improvement of mass spectrometers, proteomics has entered the era of big data based on mass spectrometry from traditional two-dimensional electrophoresis. Creative Proteomics searches for the changes in organisms and the source and mechanism of these changes from complex experimental data, and provides the best way to interpret a large amount of mass spectrometry data, including quality analysis of omics data and differential expression analysis of omics data, differentially expressed protein GO, KEGG, COG annotation analysis, protein cluster analysis, interaction network and other multi-level network and pathway analysis.

Bioinformatics Customized Service

With the development of proteomics, standard proteomics bioinformatics analysis can no longer meet the needs of scientific researchers. Creative Proteomics bioinformatics analysts are specialized in proteomics data knowledge mining, not only providing proteomics standard data analysis, customized analysis services for biological information.

Advantages of Our Bioinformatics Services

  • Professional and powerful data analysis system.
  • Comprehensive services for basic and advanced bioinformatics.
  • Large selection of software tools and software packages.
  • Customized services.

Creative Proteomics has a dedicated team of bioscientists to provide a range of bioinformatics analysis services to our clients. Thanks to our biological expertise and data analytics capabilities, we provide high-quality analysis solutions. Please contact us immediately If you are interested in our services.

For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.

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