Nanopore Protein Sequencing

Nanopore Protein Sequencing

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Compared with other traditional single-molecule detection technologies, nanopore single-molecule sensors have the advantages of low cost and high throughput. Therefore, nanopores are widely used in some single molecules In the detection of nucleic acid molecules, proteins, nucleic acid-protein conjugates, etc., it is even used for the identification of single DNA bases and protein amino acids.The nanopore sequencing method uses the electrophoretic driving force to make the single molecule to be tested pass through the nanopore one by one, and realize the sequence determination by detecting the current change of the nanopore cross-section. When a charged biomolecule is electrophoresed through a nanopore under the action of an applied electric field, the via current is modulated due to its physical occupying effect and its strong interaction with the nanopore wall to obtain the charged characteristics, shape and orientation of the molecules to be tested. At present, nanopore sequencing is mainly used for the sequencing and identification of single-molecule proteins.

Fig. 1. Approaches to nanopore sequencing.Fig. 1. Approaches to nanopore sequencing. (Branton D, et al., 2010)

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Based on nanopore technology, Creative Proteomics have developed a method for protein fingerprinting and combined this method with modern machine learning techniques and existing proteomic databases to enable inexpensive and rapid proteomic quantification of single molecules. In addition, we have developed a novel method for nanopore protein sequencing using a protein sequencing method of tagged amino acids. This method enables the analysis of amino acid sequences of individual proteins by slowing and controlling the translocation of analytes through nanopores.

Our Technical Advantages

  • It is able to detect changes in single amino acid substitutions based on changes in ionic current readings with Highly specific and sensitive.
  • The method is able to read a single peptide string again and again to identify the molecule with essentially 100% accuracy.
  • The error rate is less than one part per million.

Creative Proteomics focuses on the development and research of protein sequencing platforms. We have a professional scientific research team who dedicated to providing advanced nanopore protein sequencing to achieve specific resolution of natural amino acids and their post-translational modifications and accurate acquisition of single-molecule protein sequences. If you are interested in our services, please feel free contact us. We look forward to working with you.


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