Glycoproteomics Analysis Services

Glycoproteomics Analysis Services

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Glycoproteomics, unlike proteomics or glycomics, is the study of protein glycosylation to understand how glycosylation shapes biological processes through a systems-wide understanding of peptide sequence, glycan structure, and modification sites. Protein glycosylation, which involves the co- or post-translational addition of glycans to proteins, is a pervasive protein modification with structurally distinct subclasses and glycans. Most recombinant protein drugs are glycoproteins whose biological functions are directly affected by glycosylation. Therefore, comprehensive characterization of protein glycosylation with high sensitivity is of great significance in the development of therapeutic proteins and biosimilars.

Fig. 1. A simplified glycoproteomic experimental workflow is shown, illustrating common approaches to glycoproteomic analysis.Fig. 1. A simplified glycoproteomic experimental workflow is shown, illustrating common approaches to glycoproteomic analysis. (Tissot B, et al., 2009)

Our Services

Creative Proteomics, one of the leading companies in protein sequencing and omics, has many years of experience in research in the field of glycoproteomics. Here, we introduce an advanced mass spectrometry platform for the comprehensive characterization of glycoproteins by analyzing amino acid sequences, identifying glycosylation sites, and studying attached sugars.

Creative Proteomics provides comprehensive glycoproteomics analysis services on the basis of mass spectrometry sequencing platforms, which are mainly achieved through top-down and bottom-up approaches. Both strategies are based on isolating glycoproteins from the entire proteome.

  • The top-down approach involves the direct analysis of intact proteins by MS to obtain information on protein sequence, carbohydrate composition, and glycosylation sites.
  • Bottom-up is based on MS analysis of proteolytic peptides. Following enzymatic digestion and glycopeptide enrichment, and the resulting peptide/glycopeptide mixture is mapped mass spectrometrically either by on-line LC-ES-MS followed by MS/MS analysis of signals of interest, or by off-line strategies involving ESI- or MALDI-MS and MS/MS approaches.

In most cases, glycopeptides from enzymatic digestion are enriched for mass spectrometry analysis. Our highly skilled scientists will select the optimal enrichment strategy based on the structure and properties of your glycoprotein to obtain high-quality comprehensive analysis results.

Creative Proteomics provides the following glycoproteomics analysis services but not limited to.

*Note: We also offer custom analysis services. For special requirements, please contact us for project discussion.

Which Sample Types Can be Analysed?

  • 2D gel spots, SDS-PAGE bands.
  • Animal and clinical tissue specimens.
  • Serum, plasma and saliva.
  • Cells and microorganisms.
  • Plant samples (tender leaves, shoots, seeds and fruits).
  • Customized sample types.

Why Choose Us?

  • Comprehensive services: Creative Proteomics provides comprehensive target protein glycosylation characterization services, including characterization of N- and O-glycoform structures, glycosylation site maps, and the degree of glycosylation at each site.
  • Advanced mass spectrometry platform: Peptides and glycopeptides produced after protease digestion can be easily analyzed with the Thermo LTQ-Fusion Tribid instrument by LC-ESI-MS/MS or nano-LC-NSI-MS/MS.
  • High site coverage: The double fragmentation capability of (ETD) + (HCD) enhances sites for glycopeptide analysis and glycosylation studies.
  • Bioinformatics: Most glycopeptide analysis is done through manual data interpretation, but we also use a number of software for our data analysis.
  • Professional advice: Professional advice from our glycoproteomics scientists.
  • Fast turnaround: A full analysis report for you in 1 week.
  • Customized service: Customize the most economical and most suitable research plan according to your requirements and projects.

Creative Proteomics is a trusted provider of glycoproteomics analysis services. We offer a range of glycoproteomics analysis services to our clients worldwile on the basis of an advanced mass spectrometry platform. Our services guarantee accurate and reliable results, at quick turnaround time! If you would like more information about specific aspects of our services, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.


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