Amino Acid Analysis Service

Amino acid analysis is an important biochemical technique at all stages of drug discovery. This method can be used to determine the amino acid composition and content of protein (polypeptide) drugs or other biological agents, to determine the primary or secondary structure of protein (polypeptide), and also to quantify free amino acids.

Creative Proteomics is a reliable partner of biopharmaceuticals. We provide advanced instruments and analytical workflow, aiming to provide you with reliable, high-quality analysis and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services. Amino acid analysis is the key in ICH Q6B specification. We will provide you with amino acid analysis services according to PharmEu and USP <1047>.

We Can Provide but Not Limited to:

➢ Amino acid sequence analysis
➢ Amino acid composition analysis
➢ Terminal amino acid sequence analysis
➢ Protein concentration calculations and characterization
➢ Determination of extinction coefficient
➢ Determination of total amino acids
➢ Determination of free amino acids
➢ Qualification of synthetic peptides
➢ Decision support for choice of proteases for protein fragmentation
➢ Identify atypical amino acids present in protein / peptide drugs
Purity and impurity analysis
Amino acid content analysis

Technology Platform of Amino Acid Analysis Service:

Creative Proteomics provides efficient and accurate protein (peptide) drug amino acid composition analysis services through amino acid derivation technology and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis.

We provide the following analysis methods:

1) Hydrolyze protein and peptide samples into single amino acids. Then perform pre-column derivation. The resulting amino acid was derivatized with phenyl isothiocyanate (PITC). The obtained derivative products were subjected to gradient elution with high performance liquid chromatography or thin layer chromatography (TLC) to separate different amino acid derivatives. The content of each amino acid derivative is measured by the external standard method, and then the composition and content information of the amino acid in the protein sample is obtained.

2) High performance cation exchange separation is used, followed by post-column Ninhydrinor phthalaldehyde derivatization for amino acid detection. Post-column detection techniques can be used for samples that contain a small amount of buffer components, and each analysis usually requires 5 to 10 ug of protein sample.

Amino Acid Analysis Service

Advantages of Amino Acid Analysis Service:

➢ High sensitivity: Low protein/peptide content can be detected to microgram level.
➢ Optimized analysis platform: The current technology uses automatic chromatographic instruments designed for analysis, which can reduce the scale of analysis and greatly improve the flexibility and effectiveness of analysis.
➢ Advanced equipment: High-performance liquid chromatography LC-20AT, SHIMADZU.
➢ Rapid turnaround time: 5-7 days to provide comprehensive report.
➢ Customized service: We can customize exclusive solutions for you based on your samples. You can select or propose the required items for analysis.

Creative Proteomics' analytical scientists can provide our customers with complete confirmation of amino acids in protein / peptide samples, as well as quantitative information on relevant amino acids. Provide quick turnover, clear and concise written reports and customized services to help customers solve analytical and technical problems.


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*For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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