Column Chromatography Service

Column chromatography is a common and useful separation technique for purifying individual compounds from a mixture on a scale from micrograms up to kilograms. This separation technique involves a similar principle as TLC. In briefly, a stationary phase, usually silica or alumina, is filled in a glass tube. After loading sample on top of the stationary phase and applying a suitable solvent, the individual compounds run in the column with different speed. At the end of the column, individual compounds are eluted, showing different retention time. Different compounds will be collected in different fractions. The main advantage of column chromatography is the relatively low cost and disposability of the stationary phase used in the process.

Column Chromatography Service

Creative Proteomics offers column chromatography for both preparative and analytical application of pharmaceuticals. The desired compounds or the impurities in pharmaceutical substance or products can be purified via our column chromatography, and further be identified and quantified.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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