Therapeutic Protein/Peptides Characterization Services

What is a therapeutic peptide?

Peptides are a class of compounds composed of amino acids and linked by peptide bonds, which are chemically active substances that are ubiquitous in organisms. According to the international pharmacy, biological drugs are commonly classified as therapeutic proteins with amino acid molecules greater than 100 and therapeutic peptides with amino acid molecules less than 100. Currently, tens of thousands of peptides have been found in living organisms, and most of them have physiological activities involving various fields such as hormones, nerve, cell growth, and reproduction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Therapeutic Peptides

Therapeutic peptides are more efficient, tolerable, and safer than chemical drugs. In addition, they have revealed the advantage of being more selective and less likely to accumulate in the body. However, disadvantages related to peptide drugs are still commonly present. In comparison to chemical drugs, some shortages of therapeutic peptides include unstable physicochemical properties, rapid oxidation and hydrolyzation, upregulated agglomeration, shorter half-life, higher clearance rates, and downregulated permeability toward cell membranes. Therefore, peptide drug development and production processes are complicated and confront various unknown circumstances. As a result, a comprehensive characterization analysis must be performed to ensure safe and effective therapeutic peptide productions.

Combining an in-depth understanding of biochemistry and the most advanced technology, Creative Proteomics is capable of characterizing and optimizing your therapeutic peptide projects. We comprehend the unique needs of each peptide program, making us an excellent partner throughout the development process.

Our Therapeutic Peptides Characterization Services Include But Are Not Limited to:

High-resolution molecular weight analysis
High-resolution electrospray mass spectrometry is applied to analyze the multi-charge signal and accurate molecular weight values of proteins so to determine modification status preliminarily.

Peptide identification analysis
LC-MS/MS analysis is well-suited for the identification and detailed characterization of single or multiple peptides in a complex solution.

Peptide sequencing
- N-terminal sequence analysis
- C-terminal sequence analysis
- Sequence coverage
- HPLC peptide mapping

PTMs analysis

Glycosylation Analysis

Purity and impurities analysis
- Residual organic solvent determination per USP <467>
- Purity/Potency assessment by HPLC
- Host cell protein analysis
- Purity assessment by capillary electrophoresis (CE, CGE, cIEF)

- Clinical samples preparation and testing for pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics studies by multiple reactions monitoring and LC-MS/MS
- Forced degradation studies


Full Service
A variety of assay platforms from omics to biopharmaceutical characterization and pharmacological pharmacokinetics, enabling comprehensive assay analysis from omics to single molecule

Sophisticated Instrument
Multiple AB Sciex 6500, Thermo Fisher Q Exactive and other instruments


Fast Turnaround
Reports can be issued within 3-week for service projects

Rich Experience
Our technicians have been engaged in professional mass spectrometry detection research services for years and possess extensive project experience

Creative Proteomics strictly complies with FDA and ICH guidelines to provide the most comprehensive antibody-related analysis services and one-stop tailored solutions for your project. We are confident in our most helpful technical support for drug discovery, manufacturing processes, and other special requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, and we look forward to cooperating with you.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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