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Each protein has a characteristic number and sequence of amino acid residues. The primary structure of a protein determines how the protein folds into a unique three-dimensional structure secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures, which in turn determines the biological function of the protein.

The determination of protein sequence information can be used to design oligonucleotide probes complementary to the predicted gene sequence. These nucleic acid probes play an important role in cloning new genes encoding low-abundance proteins. For example, genes encoding many important drug proteins used in the clinic. Protein sequencing analysis can directly identify post-translational modifications that cannot be predicted from gene sequences, characterize recombinant proteins, and fragments of natural and recombinant proteins for structural and functional studies. Recombinant protein drugs can also be characterized to ensure that the expressed product conforms to the predicted structure, and to evaluate the quality and purity of the product to be highly consistent.

Creative Proteomics is a reliable partner of biopharmaceuticals. We provide reliable, high-quality protein sequence analysis service in accordance with relevant guidelines (ICH Q6B and USP<1047>) and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services.

We Can Provide but Not Limited to:

Advantages of Protein Sequence Analysis Service:

  • Rich Experience: Our company has been engaged in protein analysis of biopharmaceuticals for 16 years.
  • Professional Platforms: High-resolution (greater than 105), high-quality accuracy (less than 1ppm) mass spectrometry platform and reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) to ensure the accuracy of identification results.
  • Bioinformatics Services. Our bioinformatics analysts can help you interpret the final data.
  • Rapid Turnaround Time: 5-10 days to provide comprehensive report.
  • Customized Service: You can choose the appropriate test item according to your project, and we will customize a unique solution for you.

Creative Proteomics' analytical scientists can provide quick turnover, clear and concise written reports and customized services to help customers solve analytical and technical problems.


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*For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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