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Venom Transcriptome Sequencing

As one of the venomics research service providers, Creative Proteomics provides different types of transcriptome sequencing services for venom research with its rich transcriptome sequencing experience, so as to meet the needs of transcriptome sequencing for different research purposes. Creative Proteomics provides mRNA, circRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, and other levels of transcriptome sequencing services for different poisonous species (such as snakes, scorpions, frogs, venomous lizards, fire-bellied toads, snails, spiders, bees, ants, cone snails, jellyfish, etc.) to meet the needs of various levels of scientific research.


Venom transcriptome sequencing.

The narrow transcriptome contains only mRNA by default, but the broad transcriptome refers to the collection of all transcripts in a cell or tissue, including mRNA and circRNA, miRNA, and lncRNA, etc. In venom research, transcriptome sequencing can not only be used to identify the expression of common or rare transcripts but also in the identification of other events, such as alternative splicing, fusion genes, and novel transcripts. For example, by sequencing the transcriptome of the venom, genes related to the venom can be identified, including Na+ and K+ channel acting toxins, host defense peptides, enzymes, and other venom components.

What Creative Proteomics Offers

Creative Proteomics has rich experience in transcriptome sequencing projects and species experience, and the different transcriptome library (such as mRNA, circRNA, miRNA, lncRNA, etc. ) constructed by it has a good success rate and stability. In addition, our sequencing quality, genome comparison rate, coverage rate and other quality control indicators are also excellent. In venom research, Creative Proteomics provides different type of transcriptome sequencing for researchers, such as transcriptome sequencing (mRNA-seq), absolute quantitative transcriptome, miRNA sequencing, lncRNA sequencing, adn circRNA sequencing, etc.

  • Transcriptome sequencing: Through RNA-seq, the differential expression analysis of genes in different venoms and the structural differences of RNA can be analyzed.
  • Absolute quantitative transcriptome sequencing: Absolute quantitative transcriptome sequencing, using mainstream UMI labeling technology, can eliminate the interference of PCR amplification preference on quantification by labeling each sequence with UMI, and truly reflect the expression abundance of transcripts in the sample. In the library PCR amplification and sequencing process, it is inevitable that wrong bases will be introduced. Sequences with the same UMI tag can be used to correct errors introduced during PCR amplification and sequencing based on multiple sequence alignments to ensure that the true sequence of the transcript is obtained.
  • miRNA sequencing: miRNA is a general term for a class of short non-coding small RNAs with important regulatory functions in organisms. Small RNAs are almost involved in regulating all life processes of plants and animals, including cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. miRNA sequencing is the use of high-throughput sequencing technology to identify and analyze small RNA sequences ranging from 18 to 30 nt in samples. Performing miRNA sequencing on the venom can quickly identify the full spectrum of venom miRNA.
  • lncRNA sequencing: lncRNAs are a type of non-coding RNA with a length of more than 200 nt, which are widely present in various organisms, and they carry out key regulation of life activities at various levels such as epigenetics, transcription and post-transcription.
  • circRNA sequencing: Circular RNAs are widely found in humans, animals and plants. circRNAs are important members of the ceRNA regulatory network, which can adsorb miRNAs in large quantities like a sponge to regulate gene expression.

Transcriptome Sequencing Workflow

The venom transcriptome sequencing service provided by Creative Proteomics, from RNA isolation, library construction and to sequencing, has undergone scientific and meticulous design and strict quality control at every step to ensure high-quality research results. The following figure shows the general process of Creative Proteomics' transcriptome sequencing:

Venom transcriptome sequencing workflow - Creative Proteomics.Fig 1. Venom transcriptome sequencing (mRNA-seq) workflow - Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics, as a rare professional venomics research service provider in the world, relies on its years of sequencing experience to provide customers with one-stop venom transcriptome sequencing services. If you have any questions about our venom transcriptome sequencing service, please feel free to contact our technical support, the technical support will reply to you as soon as possible!


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