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Non-Targeted Venom Metabolomics Studies

Creative Proteomics uses advanced mass spectrometers to establish a platform for venom non-targeted metabolomics. We use different sample processing schemes according to your venom research purpose. Through efficient extraction of venom metabolites and mass spectrometry analysis, you can effectively answer your biological questions. Creative Proteomics provides a one-stop service for venom metabolomics. You only need to tell us the purpose of your experiment and send the relevant venom experiment samples. Creative Proteomics will be responsible for all subsequent matters of the project, including sample preparation, mass spectrometry, mass spectrometry raw data analysis, and bioinformatics analysis. The venom non-targeted metabolomics services we provide is suitable for different types of poisonous species or venom research. Such as fire-bellied toads, snakes, scorpions, frogs, venomous lizard, snails, spiders, bees, ants, cone snails, jellyfish, etc.

Introduction to Non-Targeted Metabolomics Studies

Venom non-targeted metabolomics sequencing.

Non-targeted metabolomics, also known as discovery metabolomics, uses chromatography-mass spectrometry technology to collect the metabolic profiles of samples, and compares the metabolomes of the control group and the experimental group (such as the venom of different poisonous species). Compare the content of metabolites in different groups of samples, identify metabolites that are differentially expressed, and explore the metabolic pathways between different metabolites. Then, through the known metabolic pathways, find out the regulatory enzymes and genes. In venom research, through non-targeted metabonomics research, it is possible to conduct metabolite differences between different venoms, venom toxicology research, research on venom metabolism process of venom in human body, research on pathogenic mechanism, research on poisoning treatment, and drug development, etc.

Metabolomics Platform Comparison

Analysis technologySensitivityAdvantageInsufficient
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)10-6Small sample requirements, high specificity, capable of qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites at the same timeLimited dynamic range and low sensitivity
Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS)10-12GC-MS has high sensitivity, good separation effect, and relatively complete databaseThe sample processing process is cumbersome
Liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy (LC-MS)10-15High sensitivity, high resolution, can analyze metabolites that are unstable, difficult to derivatize, difficult to volatility, and large molecular weightMost of them are self-built databases, which have certain limitations

Technical Route

The venom non-targeted metabolomics experiment process can be divided into sample collection and pre-processing, metabolite extraction and concentration, computer testing and data analysis, and then reveal the life mechanism of venom. Creative Proteomics strictly controls every experimental step, realizes standardized operation, and fundamentally ensures the output of high-quality data.

Creative Proteomics venom non-targeted metabolomics studies pipeline. - Creative Proteomics.Fig 1. Creative Proteomics non-targeted metabolomics studies pipeline.

Advantages of Creative Proteomics

1. Advanced platform: Venom non-targeted metabolomics adopts the QE series mass spectrometry platform identification platform with ultra-high resolution, ultra-high sensitivity and fast scanning speed, which can identify more compound information.

2. Strict data quality control: experimental operations are carried out in strict accordance with SOP, and multiple quality controls ensure that the experimental results are true and reliable.

3. Personalized service: Provide personalized non-targeted metabolomics studies and biological information data analysis services according to customer needs.

How to Order?

Creative Proteomics service process. - Creative Proteomics.

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