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Venom Sequence Function Annotation and Enrichment Services

The lack of complete genomic data will hinder the entire venom molecular biology research. Therefore, the application of bioinformatics techniques such as functional annotation and enrichment to the analysis of venom gene sequence will provide valuable insights into the application potential of biologically active molecules in venom and accelerate the process of venom research. In venomomics, not only genome and transcriptome sequencing is required, but also bioinformatics techniques such as functional annotation and enrichment are required to attach biological information to gene or protein sequences. This work can be used to discover new drug candidates for the treatment of diseases and develop effective treatment methods.

Creative Proteomics can provide a variety of functional annotation and enrichment services for our customers' venom genome or proteomic sequence analysis.

Our Services

We provide bioinformatics analysis of venom genome data, including functional annotation and enrichment of sequences, which will help customers understand the biologically active proteins in venom and venom-related genes. The specific service content includes:

  • Unigenes annotation. Use BLASTX to compare the unigenes of the venom with multiple databases, and use different methods of automated gene annotation tools to annotate the venom unigenes to obtain similar species information, which can further map the classification of venom toxins.
  • Unigenes enrichment. Screen the differential genes, and then judge the annotated pathways where the differential genes are enriched. Enrichment analysis reveals the functional role of venom in important biological processes (BP), molecular functions (MF) and cellular components (CC).

Venom Sequence Annotation Scheme

Generally, venom sequences are often run through a single annotation pipeline, and Creative Proteomics uses multiple annotation tools to integrate different annotation outputs in a cohesive manner, including but not limited to the following:

  • RAST. Automatically ensure a high degree of distribution consistency.
  • KEGG. A collection of systems biology genomes and pathway databases.
  • EFICAz. Achieve very high accuracy and recall.
  • BRENDA. Contains functional and molecular information.

Enrichment Analysis Scheme

We provide enrichment analysis procedures and multiple software, including g: Profiler, GSEA, Cytoscape and EnrichmentMap, etc., and practical step-by-step guides to help interpret the gene list generated by venom genome sequencing. Our specific operation is divided into the following three steps:

Enrichment Analysis Scheme

Our Advantages

  • Use the intersection or union of multiple annotation tools to weigh the confidence of the prediction with greater coverage.
  • Enrich the toxin gene diversity of different venom species and the venom database.
  • Innovative enrichment visualization technology, comprehensive software and operating instructions.

Creative Proteomics is committed to becoming a professional partner you can trust, providing you with first-class venom gene and protein sequence functional annotation and enrichment services, helping you to fully understand the diversity and specificity of venom genes, and helping you to the greatest extent in your venom research. If you have any needs, you can contact us, we will resolve your questions and provide detailed information.

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