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Venom Protein Identification

With years of experience in protein identification and analysis, Creative proteomics provides analysis of massive amounts of venom protein data generated by different protein identification technologies. We provide protein full spectrum analysis, gel spot analysis, gel strip/protein solution analysis, etc. Through the analysis of venom proteomics data, the protein types of venom of different poisonous species and the evolution process of venom between different poisonous species are discovered.


Venom protein identification analysis, using mass spectrometry technology to identify all or specific proteins in poisonous species cells, tissues, and venoms after separation, purification, and enrichment of protein gels/liquids. A full understanding of protein types in a specific environment is the basis for proteomics research and provides intuitive protein identification results for the study of venoms. With the development of mass spectrometry technology, analysis techniques related to protein identification have produced a large amount of proteomics data. Creative Proteomics uses bioinformatics methods to efficiently and accurately identify venom proteins, mainly through the following two methods:

Advantages of Proteomics Identification and Analysis

  1. Analyze the full-spectrum data of the protein, you can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the protein contained in the venom, and you can dig out the unknown protein information in the venom.
  2. The full spectrum analysis of protein based on mass spectrometry technology can provide reference information for high-throughput quantitative and modification analysis of proteins, and construct a protein reference database for toxic species or venoms.
  3. Combining full spectrum analysis data and transcriptome data for analysis, can complement each other and jointly verify gene annotation and functional information.
  4. Analyze the protein map obtained by two-dimensional electrophoresis of protein identification, and then obtain the difference or the protein spot of interest, use mass spectrometry to identify it, and finally get the detailed information of the protein.

Creative Proteomics Technical Route

The venom protein identification and analysis service provided by Creative Proteomics, from venom protein extraction, LC-MS/MS sequencing, and to protein identification and analysis, has undergone scientific and meticulous design and strict quality control at every step to ensure high-quality research results. That’s to say, in addition to proteomics data analysis, we provide one-stop service for venom protein identification. The following figure shows the general pipeline of Creative Proteomics' venom protein identification and analysis:

Venom protein identification and analysis pipeline - Creative Proteomics.Fig 1. Venom protein identification and analysis pipeline - Creative Proteomics

Analysis Content

In addition to providing general data analysis content, Creative Proteomics also provides customized analysis based on customer needs. Designed to help researchers to mine effective venom protein information to the maximum extent.

Standard information analysis:

  • Data output statistics.
  • Protein identification results.
  • Protein GO analysis (suitable for full spectrum analysis and gel strip identification).
  • Protein COG analysis (suitable for full spectrum analysis and gel strip identification).
  • Analysis of protein pathway metabolism pathway (applicable to full spectrum analysis and gel strip identification).

Customized information analysis

The content of customized information analysis services can be negotiated and determined based on customer needs.

Creative Proteomics, as a rare professional venomics research service provider in the world, relies on its years of bioinformatics data analysis experience to provide customers with one-stop venom protein identification and analysis services. If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to contact our technical support, the technical support will reply to you as soon as possible.

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