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Toad Venom Solutions

Toad venom is the secretion of toad’s ear glands and skin glands, which contains chemicals with different physiological activities and chemical types, which has great pharmaceutical potential. Different types of toad venom contain more than 100 chemical components, including peptides, steroids, indole alkaloids, toad venom, organic acids, etc. Pharmacological studies have shown that toad venom has significant pharmacological effects, such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-tumor effects. Creative Proteomics uses HPLC/MS technology to provide qualitative and quantitative services for your toad venom research, providing important reference information for discovering the lead compounds of potential cancer treatment drugs in toad venom.

Our Toad Venom Solutions

Processed toad toxins have been used to treat various diseases, and modern research experiments and clinical trials have also revealed that these ingredients can be developed into drugs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer. Creative Proteomics provides customers with comprehensive and reliable toad venom solutions, including identification of the chemical components of toad venom, screening of anti-tumor components and research on anti-tumor molecular activity.

Service items Solutions
Comprehensive characterization of chemical constituents of toad venom HPLC/MS combination realizes qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Identification of anti-tumor components in toad venom Select cancer biomarkers to study the protein/peptide components in toad venom.
Study on the biological activity of toad venom Use in vitro methods to study the effects of biologically active molecules.

Technical Process

We provide comprehensive services for toad venom research, mainly using HPLC, MS and other technical means to analyze and characterize the components of toad venom, and help screen out the compounds with anti-tumor activity. The specific technical route is shown in the figure below.

Technical Process

  • Perform toad venom component analysis. We establish a database of toad venom components and apply HPLC-MS/MS technology to the quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis of toad venom components.
  • Use HPLC to analyze toad venom protein part to recognize active molecules. According to the assessment of cytotoxicity by MTT assay, select a biomarker binding component and identify cytotoxicity, and finally analyze gene expression by RT-PCR.
  • Evaluate a single active compound in toad venom. Select compounds with therapeutic potential, such as bufadienolide and indole alkylamine, and use animal models for in vitro studies.


The toad venom solution we provide uses a scientific method to screen the main ingredients with excellent medicinal functions in the venom, which can further provide valuable information for the application of toad venom's active ingredients in the treatment of diseases, including but not limited to the following applications:

  • Development of anti-cancer drugs. Through the screening of active ingredients, it may be used as a source of compounds for the development of anti-cancer drugs, targeting diseases including leukemia, prostate, gastric cancer, liver cancer and breast cancer.
  • Drug development for the treatment of various neurological diseases. Ingredient screening and in vitro testing help the drug development process for diseases such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and chronic pain.

Creative Proteomics has always been a provider of comprehensive solutions for venom research. Our personalized customer service can provide you with expert-level technical support and customized services. With an unparalleled professional system, you can rely on our service quality and efficiency. Please contact us for more service information about toad venom solutions.

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