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Snake Venom Solutions

Snake venom is one of the most characteristic animal venoms, which is a toxic complex mixture containing pharmacologically active proteins and peptides. Compared with the venom of other animals such as spiders and scorpions, snake venom has obvious complexity and produces a wider range of pharmacological and toxicological effects. Creative Proteomics provides solutions for the separation, characterization and evaluation of snake venom's biological effects. The goal is to better help customers understand the mechanism and effects of snake venom, discover the types of snake venom protein structure, and use snake venom to participate in various therapeutic applications.

We provide genomics, proteomics and biological activity analysis to improve the quality and speed of snake venom research for customers. The specific solutions include:

  • Describe the composition of snake venom.
  • Discover the multifunctional characteristics of peptides and proteins in snake venom.
  • Assess the pathopharmacology of the biologically active ingredients of snake venom.

Snake Venom Composition Analysis

Snake venom is a kind of mixture mainly composed of proteins and peptides with high pharmacological activity. These substances mostly exist in the form of enzymes and non-enzymatic proteins, and there are still a large number of components that have not been identified and recognized. Creative Proteomics uses advanced analytical tools and methods to study and unravel the components of snake venom mixtures, isolate, characterize and explore the structure-function relationship of snake venom proteins/peptides, and only need a few samples to discover and characterize these snake venom proteins/peptides.

Snake Venom Composition Analysis

Pathophysiological and Pharmacological Analysis of Snake Venom

The comprehensive biological characteristics of snake venom are closely related to the characteristics of its components. Combined with the analysis of the structural and functional characteristics of the ingredients, our solution also includes further analysis of the biological characteristics of the snake venom, mainly include the following aspects:

  • Neurotoxicity. Most of the neurotoxins in snake venom can act on the peripheral nervous system.
  • Hemotoxicity. Snake venom protein/peptide components with blood toxicity can be used in the hemostatic system through different mechanisms.
  • Cytotoxicity. The cytotoxic effects of snake venom components have the potential to degrade/destroy tumor cells.
  • Antimicrobial. The antibacterial factors in snake venom can be used to treat microbial infections such as viruses, protozoa, bacteria and fungi.


Snake Venom Treatment

Understanding the venom components of snakes through our snake venom solution can provide information for the prediction of the super-specific neutralization ability of antivenom, thereby providing information on the applicability of specific treatments.

Therapeutic agent

Snake venom is a natural substance containing biologically active ingredients, which not only affects the body's pathophysiological process, but can also be used for the development of new drugs for various diseases. Creative Proteomics helps you isolate or derive a variety of toxin molecules from snake venom into drug development.

Snake venom is a mysterious animal venom with the most complex and high therapeutic applicability. A better understanding of the evolution, functional structure and pathological mechanisms of these toxins is essential for the development of better snakebite treatments and new drugs. Creative Proteomics helps you explore the various biological functions of snake venom, and provides a satisfactory solution for your snake venom research through a variety of research tools. Please contact us to discuss your snake venom project, we look forward to your consultation.

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