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Centipede Venom Solutions

Centipede venom is a complex mixture of proteins and peptides. It has a variety of biological functions and can be used as a natural source for drug development. Creative Proteomics provides basic research solutions for centipede venom for drug discovery applications, combining proteomics and transcriptomics analysis research and describing the protein/peptide composition of centipede venom, and detecting the biological activity and molecular mechanism of these centipede peptide toxins.

Centipede Venom Introduction

Centipede is one of the oldest poisonous arthropods. They use venom to subdue their prey. Centipede venom is a natural compound with diverse biological activity functions, peptide toxins and protein toxins are the main components of centipede venom, as well as a small amount of lipids, polysaccharides, biogenic amines, etc., so it is a highly complex and versatile mixture. Among them, centipede venom peptide toxins usually contain multiple disulfide bonds, which make them have chemical, thermal and biological stability, as well as novel structures, high performance and specificity, and have broad prospects as diagnostic and treatment tools of various diseases. And centipede has been used in traditional medicine, which is used to treat stroke, tuberculosis, inflammation, tumor, etc. Therefore, centipede venom is an important new biologically active ingredient that can be used for therapeutic purposes and drug development.

Our Centipede Venom Solutions

We use omics technology to determine the characteristics of a centipede venom component and toxin molecule, which is a fully integrated method combining transcriptomics and proteomics is dedicated to helping you obtain a variety of toxin molecules with powerful activity and determine its function in the centipede venom, explore the mechanism of action of key peptide toxins, as a source that may be expanded for drug development and diagnosis in the future.

Centipede Venom Solutions
  • Centipede venom composition analysis. Including venom collection, sample preparation, RNA extraction, sequencing and transcriptome analysis, HPLC fractionation and mass spectrometry, data processing and other services.
  • Biological activity analysis. Including ion channel activity, antibacterial activity, anticoagulant activity, phospholipase A2 activity, trypsin inhibitory activity, platelet aggregation activity and other tests.
  • Ion channels activity test. Explore the targets for the treatment of chronic pain, antibacterial and insecticidal, autoimmune diseases and other diseases.


Some of the peptide toxins in centipede venom act on ion channels and have excellent multi-functional target specificity, thereby affecting different physiological systems. All these characteristics indicate that centipede peptide toxins are expected to be diagnostic tools and therapeutic candidates. The centipede venom solutions we provide have obvious advantages, including but not limited to:

  • Capable of detecting low-abundance peptides/proteins in centipede venom
  • Comprehensive and quantitative
  • High data availability
  • Multi-professional team
  • Mature service system

Creative Proteomics can provide centipede venom research services, design and give you a reasonable research plan according to your needs to realize the functional applications you need. We are committed to providing you with high-quality, cost-effective, complete and concise venom solutions. If you have any venom research needs, please feel free to contact us.

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