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Venom Peptidomics Analysis

Many animals in nature have evolved venom to protect themselves and prey. The composition of venom varies from animal to animal, but most venoms are complex mixtures, including inorganic salts, low molecular weight organic molecules, peptides (2-10 kDa) and enzymes (> 10 kDa), etc. Venom is a potential source of innovative drugs. The venom of snakes, toads, spiders and scorpions has been used in many traditional methods and medicines for thousands of years to treat various diseases.

This natural resource has not yet been fully exploited. Studies have shown that animal venoms of more than 170,000 species are complex molecular mixtures, each of which contains hundreds of peptide toxins. However, less than 2,000 peptide toxins have been identified and have been partially characterized.

With the advancement of technology, the separation and full characterization of individual venom peptides is of great significance for in-depth understanding of how each venom component acts on the target.

Venom Sample Collection And Preparation

Venom Peptide Identification

Creative Proteomics provides a one-stop peptide identification service. We have a strong research team, advanced equipment, and rich experience in peptide separation, purification and identification, aiming to provide you with mature and stable technical services.

Venom Peptide Qualification

Creative Proteomics relies on an advanced omics research platform and a professional research team to help you carry out quantitative research on venom peptide omics. Peptide analysis of animal venom is a new and promising scientific field. We can provide you with customized research solutions and one-stop research services.

Venom Sample Collection And Preparation

In recent years, advances in analytical methods have promoted the research of venom peptides. The use of advanced instruments and analytical methods can effectively improve sensitivity and resolution. These advantages will help you save a lot of time in the research process.

Creative Proteomics professionals have considered many aspects of peptide analysis, including physical and chemical properties, experimental conditions, experimental procedures, instrument selection, software applications, analysis methods, etc., to provide you with the best peptide analysis solutions.

We Provide One-stop Service

You only need to tell us your needs, and we will negotiate with you to select the best test plan. Send your samples to us as required, and we will carry out a one-stop research service according to the plan, and finally deliver a detailed project report.

Customer Notice

  • The results we deliver include
  • Experimental steps
  • Instrument parameters
  • Original data and pictures
  • Analysis report

Creative Proteomics is an expert in venomics research. We can provide you with customized research solutions and one-stop research services. We have advanced peptide group sample pre-processing technology and mass spectrometry technology, which can provide you with high-resolution, high-sensitivity, high-throughput, high-precision detection results and data analysis.

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